Thursday, August 15, 2013

Heather Geoffries and South Sea Siren

I am a very lucky woman and I will tell you that all day long. I have the pleasure of meeting some incredible authors and I get to call so many of them my friends. Heather Geoffries is one of those people. They are a talented duo and I can't get enough of their stories!

Thank you for having me on your blog today Gemma!

Logline: ~Don’t try to figure love out. Love just is. There is no explanation. It doesn’t make sense and it wouldn’t matter if it did. Just let it happen and the rest will work itself out.~

Today I wanted talk about our(me and my husband’s—we are Heather Geoffries) new book out through Champagne Books Aphrodite Island series.

“South Sea Siren” is an F/FM BDSM erotic romance that follows Amanda Mills on her fantasy tropical vacation where she runs into some things that she might not know how to deal with.
This book is sort of an unofficial sequel to our first book “Nordic Prince”, which is about Steven Mills and his erotic cruise. It is also where Amanda first debuted. After I wrote that book, I was really curious about Steven’s brash and sassy sister. I thought You know, I bet there is more to her than meets the eye. She seems like this fun, flirty, party-girl but she is also, clever and a good sister.
So, me and hubby put our heads together and Amanda and Kierna came sauntering onto the pages and they brought a friend, Michael. (Shhh---I’ll tell you a secret…there is a story about Michael in the works also.)
I’ll give you a little blurb and excerpt.

Amanda Mills knows how to have a good time and when she goes to Aphrodite Island she plans to embrace her naughty side but when her current squeeze turns out to be a creep she winds up alone on her romantic getaway. Then she sees Kyrna walk out of the ocean like Venus and is blown away. All of her charm and charisma fly out the door when flirting with the lithe redhead. As they delve into a steamy romance, Amanda realizes that she is in way over her head. Now she must decide whether to take a chance at love and trust or keep playing the game.

Sucking in her breath, her gaze flew to the water, which bubbled and turned. Every Jaws movie she’d ever seen came to mind and she waited anxiously to see if she’d be eaten by a shark. Can they come up on the beach? She began to back up, but when the water parted and a woman, surely Venus, rose from the tide.

Breathless, she pushed back her thick ebony hair, which blocked her view. She could not tear her gaze away from the naked and beautiful Goddess who walked toward her.

Pale skin shimmered and glowed in the dim light, as if her flesh was made of ethereal moon luminosity. Pert breasts, small round globes, would fit in Amanda’s hand perfectly. Hard nipples, pebbled from the cool wind licking them, made Amanda wish she could lick them, too. Tall and nubile, the woman’s rich auburn hair fell in a cascade down to the small of her back. Her nether curls, trimmed into a cute heart shape, matched the vibrant color. Long legs carried her out of the surf and her green cat eyes never wavered from her face. Her pale lips quirked up in the corners with a secret little smile. The overall effect was stunning.

Thank you for stopping by and visiting with my readers, Heather! You are such a tease :) I can't wait to see what Michael is up to now. 

Heather is giving away 2 e-copies of South Sea Siren to 2 people who leave a comment :)


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