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How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days with Saranna DeWylde

Let me start this interview off by saying I met Saranna through my friend, Virginia Nelson. Her sense of humor is dark, twisted, and hiliarious. I was intrigued so I purchased one of her books. It has been a loooooong time since I read a book where I laughed out loud at the characters, cursed at them, and felt that much emotion all within two covers. Okay, now I'm sounding like an obsessed fan:) Without further adieu, I give you Saranna DeWylde.
Tell us a little bit about yourself-  I started writing after my 8th birthday party where we watched The Exorcist. It scared the crap out of me, but I decided that I wanted to do that, I wanted something I created to elicit all of those emotions in people. I began reading romances at a young age as well, so for the longest time I couldn’t decide where my heart lay. Then I worked as a corrections officer and decided that I wanted to give the world more happily ever afters.
My family is very supportive of my writing. My husband worked two jobs to support our family so I could stay home and pursue my dreams. My kids empathize with Jack Torrance in The Shining because his wife just wouldn’t leave him alone to write.

How To Lose a Demon in 10 Days
Grace does. She's got more demon than she can saddle. In fact, she's got a sinfully sexy Crown Prince of Hell named Caspian. She's also got ten days to get rid of him or Bad Things shall ensue. See, her Russian mobster ex-boyfriend didn't take kindly to her smutty Mephistophelean contract. It's not that she's conspiring with fiends; that was his idea. It's that she's conspiring against him with outrageous devilry that runs the gamut from embarrassing to a dead hooker turned dominatrix demon gunning for his soul.
One should never trust demons, let alone shag them. They don't have hearts. Yet Grace is buying hers some slightly tarnished armor and hoping that once he's been shoveled into it, kicking and screaming, he'll find it's just his size.  This damsel in distress needs a dark knight for a Happily Ever After.

Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser?
A little bit of both, but mostly a panster. I have a few notecards I keep by my desk to scribble this and that, but otherwise, I like to discover what’s going to happen along with the characters.
Which Goddess best defines you?
Me? *laughs* My nickname for the longest time has been The Amazon Goddess of Doom or The AG of D. 
(Gemma laughs)
Favorite Dessert?
Mo’s Bacon Milk bars. Or anything from Vosges. It’s an addiction.
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Favorite scent?
Coffee, tea, soda, or water?
I’m a tea freak, I collect tea. But I do love my water.
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how?
No. I just sit down and work.
Do you have a favorite character? Why?
Susan Kay’s interpretation of the Phantom of the Opera. He’s brilliant, tortured, very complex. Why? I don’t know. I just love heroes that are scarred inside and out. Maybe because it speaks to the strength of the power of love and redemption. 
(I agree with you. Some authors shy away from imperfect characters and I adore the fact that you don't.)
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer?
All. However long it takes me to hit my word count. Although, I am kind of a night owl.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation?
Psychologist or law enforcement. 
You can find Saranna and her books in all of these lovely places:
You can buy her books here:

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A View From Paradise...or Close To It

I went out to take pictures last weekend & ended up with two entire rolls of, well, nothing. I picked up my pictures and had two rolls of black. Nothing on any of them. Pissed me off! So, my darlin' hubby and I went out to take more pics for you with my trusty digital camera.
The marina was full and the beaches were pretty empty. Being the people we are, it was our kind of day:) The water was calm, which isn't nearly as pretty as when it's a windy day, but I made do with what I had. Can any of you understand why I love living where I do?
For some reason, it has always been important to me to live near the woods and the water. We lived in Pennsylvania. Our house was in the woods with a beautiful creek running through my front yard. (I'll post pictures some time.) When we moved here, my husband came up on his own and worked for a month before I could move up here with the dogs. He had to find the house on his own & I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried. He told me about this little cottage and I was really unsure. I'd never been to the UP before so I didn't know what to expect. We crossed Big Mac and tears filled my eyes. There was some part of this place that sang my heart's song. Four hours after crossing the bridge, we pulled into our new home. My heart skipped a beat because my hubby did very well. He proved to me that he knows me better than I thought.
So, this is my view of paradise. If you've ever seen the movie "Escanaba in Da Moonlight", the narrator tells the viewer that he lives "nort' of the bridge and a little sout' of heaven." I didn't believe it until I came here, but the only way you're going to closer to heaven is by dying.
I've started a Pinterest page for those who want to check it out. You can find me here:
I hope you enjoy my pictures and you can see where the inspiration for Cedar River comes from. It certainly isn't hard to write a story set in the beauty of the Upper Peninsula.
Blessings on you and yours!

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Countdown To The Release of This Blackened Night with L.K. Below

If you've visited my website lately, you will have noticed the countdown widget in the left sidebar. I was introduced to L.K. Below a few years ago when I won one of her books. I fell in love with her stories. When she contacted me about doing a blog on my website, well, we'll just say, I was a little starstruck. It is such an honor to have her here with me today. Now, before I scare her completely away...
37 Days until the release of This Blackened Night, The Order: Book 3!
Every author has a set of characters more dear to their hearts than any others. In most cases, this stems from these characters being among the first ever created. I won't claim Lori and Terrence were my very first, but they did come close. Their first book, Stalking Shade, which released in 2011, was originally written in 2007. And rewritten. And rewritten.
And now it feels like a dear friend is moving away. With the release of This Blackened Night on September 24th, 2012, the trilogy will come to an end. Lori might be a prickly character, not easy for anyone but Terrence to love, but I had a lot of fun with her. When I wrote this third book late last year, I dragged my feet to see it finished for the same reason. I didn't want to let the pair of them go. A not-so-secret part of me is hoping for an overwhelming response from readers asking me to continue so I have an excuse to revisit my favorite characters.
For now, I'm counting down the days until the third book releases. Maybe you'll fall in love with Lori and Terrence every bit as fiercely as I have. Lori might be stubborn in pushing people away, but Terrence is the most persistent character I've ever written. Good thing, too.
Join me in celebrating the release of the third book a bit early with this short, sweet teaser excerpt:

This Blackened Night by L.K. Below
With murders cropping up all around, who should she trust?
After months of searching, Lori finally scrounges up a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing leader of her secret organization. But her vision isn't encouraging--it points to her vampire companion Terrence as the culprit.
Terrence is adamant that he isn't at fault. Even though she knows she might be walking into a trap, she follows his lead to a shabby island port. When her informants start turning up dead with puncture wounds in their necks, Lori wonders just how well she knows Terrence. And why does he act different during the search than in their hotel room?
Lori doesn't know who to trust anymore. She only hopes that she won't be the next victim.

Six Sweet Sentences from the book:
The apartment was sparse. Her painstaking search turned up nothing. She peeked through the blinds to the street outside. Pink strips of sunlight edged the horizon. She sat heavily on the bed.
Terrence wasn’t coming back.

Learn more about the series as a whole on the Lyrical Press, Inc. website:
Read a longer excerpt from This Blackened Night at 
Bio: If L.K. Below gets far too attached to her characters, well, that's because they're interesting people. Read two of her favorites in her urban fantasy series, The Order. Join her online at to learn more. Want to keep up to date with her tour stops? Follow her on Twitter ( or Facebook (

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Paranormal Fun with Aithne Jarretta

I want to introduce all of you to a lovely author. Her name is Aithne Jaretta and she writes paranormal romance. I'll let her take over from here:
Thank you Gemma for hosting me on your blog. I’ll admit up front that I tend to be a little funky. The supernatural has always fascinated me—even before it was cool. ;) Writing came later in my adult life. My first story was a paranormal romance novel titled Concentric Circles: Twin Sparks of Love. Then a couple of short stories followed. Last February I published Claire: the Lost Fae. (novella) CC & CtLF are connected like family tree branches because Claire is actually Shayla’s mom. (It was fun writing mom and daughters as heroines in two different books.)
Now, my learning progression has included designing ebook interiors and how to put together a print edition. I admit that these processes have slowed my writing down, but it has been worth the experience. But I’m back on track and reenergizing the story process. (Just released Enchanted Ravensong: Charmed Evermore and I’m working on a time travel miniseries.) Note: Enchanted Ravensong isn’t a romance because it focuses on protagonist helping a spirit get justice for her murder.
Family members either love my stories or don’t. My sons avoid mom’s writing. Lol I’m amused by this and sometimes tease them. My number one fan is my daughter-in-law.
I was so worried about my family and how they would look at my writing since it isn't the contemporary romance they enjoy. I've learned my family is not reading what I THOUGHT they were reading. In fact, a lot of them are reading my paranormal romance:) Too funny!

Blurb- Solitary CLAIRE BRINAWELL moves from place to place chased by the forces of darkness. Even in slumber when dreaming usually fills the mind and soul with beauty, a hateful hound from Hades finds his way in with deadly intentions. Claire isn't safe anywhere.
LEESON, Worthy Prince of Baderon in Annwn, lives Earthside of the magical Annwn veil. He has been sent to find Claire. Triumphant in his first skirmish with the darkside, they must return to San Francisco's sacred pyramid. But Leeson discovers Claire has a mind of her own. Leeson's stubbornness meets Claire's feisty determination.
Claire must reach deep within herself, acknowledge her magical power and admit that using magic is the only way to defeat the wicked Hades Hounds. Will they unite in purpose and free Claire of her daemons?
Novella - Word Count: 38,382
Excerpt- This excerpt is taken from Claire: the Lost Fae, [3]  Insights of the Heart

"Thank you for saving my life," Claire said. "Why do I get the impression you're about to request something scary? This is one of those times when an incomplete Insight can be unnerving."
"They want you," Leeson said in a matter-of-fact tone edged with purpose. "I think we should give false information about your location and then wait for them to attack."
She inhaled a long slow breath while gazing into his eyes.
No one spoke. They waited for her response.
Finally, Claire nodded. "Not to be pushy, but I'll only agree if everyone is careful. I don't want anyone getting hurt on my account."
"That's doable," Katrina said.
Leeson placed palms flat on the table top. "Let me be clear," he insisted with steely determination. Every muscle in his body roared with magical tenacity while he stared at Katrina. "The information about Claire's location will be completely false."
"Leeson." Claire wanted to break through his ferociousness.
"Is that clear, Rina?" he asked and leaned closer to make his point.
"Crystal," Katrina said. "You don't have to convince me otherwise."
"Leeson," Grace urged firmly. "Give up your preconceived notions. You shouldn't doubt Katrina's sincerity. She wants to help."
An unexpected urge rose in Claire. She touched his arm and eased ruffled male emotions with gentle magic. "You said I have Insight. Do you believe that?"
He caressed the inside of her wrist with a feather soft touch, and then took her hand. Their fingers entwined intimately while he gazed into her heart and soul.
Gentle strength emanated in his tender expression.
That was how she saw him; a fiercely protective warrior, and a man not quite ready to admit the sensations journeying though their joined hands.
She placed her other hand over his heart. "Do you believe?" she asked while his breathing and pulse increased.
"Yes," he murmured.
"Then believe I can see that Katrina is here to help."
His emotionally facetted eyes did not blink.
She leaned nearer and allowed his breath to whisper longing across her skin. "Please," she said low, the word meant only for him.
His strong fingers combed through her hair. Never before had she experienced such an intimate joining than these precious moments.
Heart pounding, Claire knew their closeness supercharged the mood in the room. She surrendered to the intimate potency and brushed his lips with eagerness.
A deep groan and Leeson returned the kiss with heady urgency.
Claire allowed his kiss to consume every doubt and build a blushing foundation of future potential.
After long moments she drew back.
"Well that was interesting," Katrina remarked. "Definitely a unique way to change the subject."

Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? Lol! I prefer ‘flying in the mist’ since my favorite genre to write is paranormal/supernatural.
Which Goddess best defines you? Athena – Wisdom and Warrioress
Favorite Dessert? Devil’s Food Cake ;)
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate
Favorite scent?  Lavender
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? This question actually has a great deal to do with mood. Sometimes I enjoy a nice pot of coffee, enhanced with coconut milk and chilled. That’s a super pick-me-up because of the caffeine and coconut milk is a natural energy drink. (I use the organic milk) Tea is a good relaxer after a long night at my non-writing job. I drink soda only when there’s no good coffee. ;) Last, but never least… I drink more than the 8 glasses of water per day. There’s a little known advantage of water—it’s a natural pain reliever and eases fibromyalgia. (which I have)
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how? Sometimes. When I need to set a mood I listen to music. It depends on the story what kind of music. For example, when I wrote Claire: the Lost Fae, I listened to classic rock, but for my recent release, Enchanted Ravensong: Charmed Evermore, the music shifted between rock and mystical New Age. The New Age seemed to help with the raven aspect of one character. (Ruby)
Do you have a favorite character? Why?  Yes. ;)  But I must be honest and admit that he has never been a ‘main’ character in one of my stories. It’s because he is what I like to call an instigator.  His name is Black Bryan Chilkwell and he is an immortal Fae Prince, the paternal head of the Chilkwell family and my frequent muse. He makes brief appearances in Concentric Circles and at the very end of Claire: the Lost Fae.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? ;) Anytime! Lol That’s because ideas often pop into my head at the strangest times. I’ve learned to accept them when they do because those tiny ideas frequently become my favorite parts of a story.  In CtLF, I followed a bubble—over a rainbow.
Currently, I’m working on a series of short stories that focus on time travel. Method of traveling through time: an artifact touched. That’s easy. Then ‘lady slipper’ whispered through my mind. Why? I asked my muse. The answer came through loud and clear—to ground a traveler if they choose. Why would a traveler choose to be grounded? Love.
All that information came through while I was away from my writing desk. I’m lucky enough that I was able to pause what I was doing and work through the process. It’s amazing to be on such a free spirit time table.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? Well, I’ve done just about everything. Of course there’s the mom job. I’ve teased my eldest son and told him I’m retired. Naturally disgruntled over such an idea, he disagreed and he’s absolutely right. Besides, that opens the window to grandma status. ;) Yes, that’s a red hat I wear proudly.
All things considered, every job I’ve ever had, the education I’ve accumulated, and each experience led me to one destination—writing stories for entertainment. That’s my occupation and I Love it.
Aithne Jarretta
I want to thank Aithne for stopping by to visit with us today. I had so much fun with her and her interview. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

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My Corner of the World

It's been a while since I actually posted a blog for you. There aren't a lot of excuses I can make, but I will tell  you I've been working hard on Book 3. Silver and Brady are just fun to write. Silver makes me laugh as she attempts to get Brady and his neat, tidy world all tied up in knots.
I've also been taking my cameras with me when I leave the house. We went to the park in town the other weekend. I was able to get some GREAT shots. Here's one of my favorites:
Hene Park
This little guy was not happy with us being on his territory. Usually, we have bread to feed them, but not that day. 
The other day, I decided to I needed some quiet. Trust me! It was better for everyone when I disappeared outside to sit at the picnic table to write. I needed the quiet I wasn't able to get inside. (With a husband, a mastiff who thinks he needs my attention 24/7, and a town of characters who hassle me day and night, it was a NECESSITY to step outdoors.) I sat down at our picnic table and managed to hammer out 1200 words  before my growling stomach made me go inside in search of food. This is the view I had from my table:
Now, how can a writer complain about the view? I know I can't. Here's another view from my makeshift writing desk:
Kind of makes you wish you were here, huh? *grin* Can you understand why I set my stories here? With such beauty here, it seems  like the perfect place for couples to fall in love. This is a picture I took early in the summer. In the backyard, we have two trees and in between the two trees grows a mound of flowers. They seem to have been planted by the fairies and filled with magickal potential. Okay, I'll admit to why I love them so much. Every year, they come up and I'm taken to a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. It's the scene where Aragorn is trying to save Frodo's life after the battle with the wraiths at Weathertop. Aragorn asks Sam to help him find some kingsfoil. In my mind, this is what the flowers look like. (Yes, I'm a HUGE LOTR geek.)
And this picture was not set up by any means. If  you ever meet my precious boy, you'll understand that it would be impossible to set a picture like this up. It was simply one of those moments that only Life can hand you. A simple blessing.
Precious, right? I will tell you that he then proceeded to lift his leg on them once the shutter snapped. Don't tell him I shared this pic with you. He thinks he is quite the bad ass:) I probably shouldn't tell you that his favorite toy is a pink stuffed puppy either:) Yep, he's a bad ass puppy! So, this is a little insight into my corner of the world. It's a beautiful place and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a view many people envy and I'm appreciative of every day I get to spend in this setting. I hope you liked stepping into my world.Have a weekend filled with blessings!

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Share Some Smoldering Nights with Lisa Carlisle

This is a brand-new book from a wonderful author. Lisa Carlisle is another author I met through MFRW and I cannot wait to introduce you to her as well.
Tell us a little bit about yourself- (
Well, I’ve wanted to be a writer since I was in the sixth grade when I discovered how much I loved fiction writing exercises. All through school, I spent my time writing stories in class when I should have been paying attention. I wrote adventures about my friends and I went on and then getting the guys we wanted in the end. ;)
For many years, I’ve focused on nonfiction, writing articles, travel pieces, memoirs, and so on. I tried fiction, but gave up on many stories I’d started. Now with Smoldering Nights and the other books in this series, something clicked. I started writing stories that I’d like to read instead of what I thought the general population would like. I LOVE the characters and setting. I can’t wait to finish up my daily responsibilities so I can spend time writing. Ideas keep coming to me wherever I go, so much so that I have to prioritize what I’m going to work on and when.
My family is very supportive of me. While I used to be very private when writing a story and not showing it to anyone until I’m done, I’m finding that running ideas by my husband helps me figure out problems in advance. My mom, sister, and friends have always been supportive as well, although I’m not sure I’m ready for them to read the racy parts. ;)

Nike loves visiting the goth club Vamps—she can exchange her firefighter uniform for a slinky fantasy outfit. There she runs into the man she’d been admiring from afar at a rock climbing gym. He’s been the star of all her sexual fantasies, so is it any wonder they end up in his private room upstairs? Just when things begin to heat up, Michel’s enemies appear.
Only Michel isn’t an ordinary mortal. And someone from his past is on the hunt for vengeance. Michel and Nike are forced on the run and hide out in a coastal cottage in Maine. They can’t resist their attraction and spend the nights exploring each others’ bodies while trying to sort out how they feel about each other. Can they overcome their differences to be together? And how will they evade the predators who are chasing them?

Excerpt- You can read an excerpt here at
I am meeting so many incredible authors and my TBB list keeps growing and growing:)
Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? I’ve tried plotting, but found out I’m a panster.  (Me, too, Lisa. Plotting never pans out for me.)
Which Goddess best defines you? I’ve always thought Athena is pretty awesome. 
Favorite Dessert? A sweet dessert wine paired with chocolate.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate.
Favorite scent? Flowers
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Tough call, but I’ll say tea
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how? Music always helps. But I like writing at a café while drinking coffee and using my Netbook without Internet. 
Do you have a favorite character? Why? Oh, so many. Heathcliff comes to mind. I like the dark brooding type. I’ve also loved Darth Vader and Dracula since I can remember. (There is something to be said about dark and brooding *grin*)
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? Hmm, I write at all those times. Late morning in a café is best. But if I have to wait until the kids get to bed, then it’s later at night with music and a glass of wine or Amaretto.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? I’ve tried so many jobs in my life trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grow up, which is being a writer. But how about something in the travel industry, even though I’ve already worked in it for a brief period. ;)
Thank you, Lisa, for stopping by to share Smoldering Nights with us! For those of you who can't wait to pick it up, Smoldering Nights is available today from Ellora's Cave:)

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Let's Talk About Sex and Erotic Romance with Samantha Lucas- Adult Content

I've decided to kick off Monday morning with a big "Hell Yeah!" Samantha Lucas is an erotic author who I've met through a dear friend. Samantha's stories are sensual and seductive causing a reader to crave a touch of a dominant male (or female). Without further adieu, I'd like to introduce you to Samantha Lucas.
This posting does contain Adult Content so consider yourself warned!
Tell us a little bit about yourself- I’m the girl that takes the mad leaps in life. I can’t stand ordinary and I’ll go through the very fires of hell to live my life in a way that’s authentically me. I’ve written stories all my life, ever since I was 8 years old and my dad tried to start a family tradition where everyone would sit and write a short story after church each Sunday, then share them. It was a short lived tradition, but it lived with me ever since. I’m completely ideaphoric! I get ideas everywhere! I love to people watch and imagine what someone’s character is or how they’re life is set up and sometimes, I just hear conversations going on in my head between my characters, and I drag that out. lol Writing is after all a somewhat acceptable form of insanity.
LOL I can totally agree with that! I do the exact same thing...chatting with my characters.
Blurb-  Starlight Key is a continuing erotic serial unlike anything you’ve ever seen before! Along with drama, mystery and paranormal activity, expect explicit sex, BDSM, menage, kink, sex toys, public exhibitionism, extraordinarily hot men, sex clubs and long drawn out love affairs!
Excerpt- Santiago rolled the lovely Kaylee onto her back as he drove his cock into her wet and welcoming cunt. He moaned as he embedded himself fully. It had been too damn long since he’d allowed himself this pleasure. Her head pushed back into the stack of pillows behind her, extending her throat and pressing her breasts forward as she writhed up to meet him. Her nails drew scratch marks deep down into his skin.
He inhaled sharply.
“What? You can give it, but can’t take it?” She looked up at him, smiling prettily.
He gave her a half smile, moved his hands down to her hips and pulled her hard onto his cock, leaving her breathless, and speechless, with his next thrust.
“You don’t play fair, Santiago. Never have.” She leaned up and sunk her teeth deep into his shoulder, making him cry out.
He fisted his hand in her hair and tugged hard, but controlled his darker, more primal urges.
“Now who’s not playing fair?” he gently scolded her.
She smiled sweetly. “I’m a three-thousand-year-old witch. How fair do you want me to get?”
He laughed, but he was done talking. The need inside him proved too great to ignore, demanding fulfillment. His nineteenth-century Chinese bed provided a womblike feel and they sank into the lush bedding around them as he began to fuck her hard and fast, holding onto her thick, long, black hair just in case she tried anything funny on him.
Kaylee was one of the very few people in the universe he trusted, but he never trusted anyone entirely. He couldn’t afford to.
Her sweet pussy held him like wet velvet, clinging to his cock as he moved in and out of her, giving him just the right amount of friction and stimulation to drive him to the utter edge.
“Mmm. Goddess.” Kaylee’s eyes rolled back before she closed her lids over them. Her mouth parted, soft moans and pants escaping with his every thrust into her warm body.
The gentle candlelight that lit his private lair bounced off her pale skin, making it appear golden. Her almond-shaped green eyes, long lashes, the tiniest most perfectly shaped little nose he’d ever seen and full lush lips combined to create a picture of exquisite beauty which pleased him. She had comparatively small breasts, but he’d never tell her that. He lowered his head and scraped his teeth across one of her nipples. That was all it took. He felt her pussy lock around him as her muscles tensed and her body shook from the orgasm now snaking its way through her.
He waited, knowing the perfect timing, holding back his own release, waiting…
When her moan became more of a siren’s wail, he leaned to her and sank his teeth into the soft flesh between shoulder and curve of the neck.
She screamed out. Her entire body shuddered. She dug her nails deep into his biceps and wrapped her ankles hard behind his ass attempting to pull him even deeper inside.
“Fuck. Fuck. Oh my... Fuuuuuuck!”
He smirked. Such a lady most of the time, she was quite the whore in bed. Breathless, but nowhere near sated, she opened her eyes and stared into his with wicked intent. Quickly, they shifted position. He wrapped one arm around her waist and twisted them so she rode him from atop. Her body writhing in waves, her pussy grabbing his cock hard, she rose up, nearly off him then slid back down, taking him deep. She pushed her long black hair over her shoulders to hang down her back. Baring her breasts, she caressed them, squeezing her nipples while she worked his cock, bringing him past his own control.
He grabbed her hips and took over, moving her at his pace, to his desires and she kept up brilliantly. When she came the next time, it was the last he saw of anything resembling control. Lost to his own powerful orgasm, he emptied his seed deep inside her cunt, fucking her as hard as he could, pummeling her, trying to find something he could never entirely grasp… satisfaction for his soul.
Sex was a need. It fed his cravings, especially with someone like Kaylee who knew him. Deep inside, though, there was a sense of something missing and he longed to find it.
He roared his need into the night as his body shuddered with the last of his cum leaving his body. Kaylee fell atop him, head on his shoulder, facing away from him, her hair splayed over his face. He inhaled the intriguing scent of oranges and spice, then reached up with his hand to swipe her hair to the side. He cradled her head and placed a soft kiss to her back as he exhaled and for one sweet moment of bliss, he felt tranquil.
“I really wish you needed to do that more often.” Kaylee’s ordinarily melodic tone was husky, nearly a purr of satisfaction.
If only she knew how badly he needed it, and more, but held back. Only on the nights where it was hard to breathe did he call for her. The rest, he suffered alone in the dark abyss of  his life.
“I can’t imagine you are hard up for willing bed partners, Kaylee.”
She turned her head towards him and smiled. “Willing is not my only requirement.”
She tapped him softly on the chin, then ran her fingers over the dark patterned markings along his shoulder.
“With you, I can be myself.” She looked up at him with a rare hint of vulnerability in her emerald eyes.
He pulled her close and kissed the top of his head. That sentiment he understood all too well, but sentimentality did not serve, so he coldly changed the subject.
“Have you heard from Thorton lately?”
“He’s in Miami.” She continued to run her nails softly over his skin, along his chest, subtly arousing him once more.
He placed his hand atop hers. Once was all he needed. He would be able to think again, to do his job.
She looked up at him with a pout.
“It’s early still, Santiago.”
“Temptress.” He nipped at her nose.
She sat up and squeezed him. His cock, still inside her, began to harden again. He groaned.
“One more time won’t hurt.” She purred as she began to ride him slowly, her hands grasping his abdomen for balance.
He inhaled.
“I’ll be good after this, Santiago. I promise.” She gave him her best seductive smile which held no magical power over him the way he was sure it did with the others, but it was still early and he so rarely indulged himself this way.
“If I let you fuck me once more, that’ll be the end of it?” He grabbed her hips and moved her in a more fluid motion.
She moaned. Her eyes heavy with lust and arousal, she probably would have agreed to about anything.
“I promise.” She shivered as his cock swelled and he pushed it in deep.
He could no longer recall exactly how long he’d been in existence, but he lived all of it under tight control, particularly of his desires, yet a part of him long for the day some woman would challenge him, make him weak. Like the biblical Samson looking for his Delilah. Maybe he simply wanted to be put out of his misery.
He twisted their bodies, bringing her back down beneath her where he could fuck her the hardest. He wanted to slake the ever rising need. He wanted to cool the burn. Nothing ever did, but for this night, he would at least allow himself the opportunity to try.
*fanning myself* Oh gods, is it hot in here? You'll have to give me a moment or two to catch my breath!
Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? Oh Panster DEFINITELY!! I’m so weird really, I try to plot, I love the idea of plotting, but if I plot, then I get bored and don’t write it.
You and me, both, Samantha:)
Which Goddess best defines you? I used to think I’d be Aphrodite, but I took a test recently and came up with Artemis and I realized that now I’m a strange combination of the two. Story of my life really, I am a complex strange combination of things most people never think could go together. While I channel Aphrodite’s sexuality and playfulness, and I adore men, I have a deep well of inner strength and am always looking to protect those around me and I have an undeniable sense that I am here to protect animals.
Favorite Dessert? I’m not a huge dessert person, but Applebees has a blondie that I can’t resist, and I make a sundae based on one I used to serve at Disneyland called Big Thunder Mountain Sundae. It’s choc chip, cookies and cream, and rocky road ice cream, served with bananas, topped with hot fudge and hot caramel and topped with whipped cream and almonds… OMG YUM!!!
Holy cow! Now, I'm going to have to attempt this. Maybe find a handsome guy (my hubby) to eat it off from...
Chocolate or Vanilla? Vanilla
Favorite scent? Oh, SO many. I’m very scent oriented, but if I had to choose, fresh gardenias or jasmine… or the ocean… No! fresh baked bread! Oh wait! Or… Paco Rabanne mmmm yummy!!
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Depends on if I’m being good or self indulgent… water or soda though, you decide which goes with which mood. ;-)
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how? I write at DisneyWorld… so I guess yes. LOL I have to set the mood with VERY expensive landscaping and amusement rides.
Do you have a favorite character? Why? I think it’s more that I have a favorite type of character. I like naïve women waking up to life and broken and flawed sexy men.
Ooh, flawed men are sooo sexy. And women who finally get the fact they have power...what a great combination!
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? I’m a night owl, but unless I’m going out to Disney, in which case time has no effect, I find my writing goes best if I do it the minute I wake up before I engage my brain in anything else.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? Well, I’d write whether I made my living at it or not, but I always thought I’d make a great French mistress… aside from the whole not being French part… I think I’d be very successful at being a landscape architect or interior designer.!
Samantha, this has been one of my favorite interviews! I want to thank you for stopping by and sharing your new project with us! I can promise you, I will be adding your stories to my Kindle as soon as I possibly can.
For more information on Samantha and her novels, please visit her at
Look for A Submissive Longing, a new series coming this fall from Samantha Lucas about women venturing into the world of BDSM and finding their true beauty and strength through submission.
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Friday, August 3, 2012

Dariel Raye- Author and Guest

I want to introduce you to an author who I met through MFRW's summer camp. She's a terrific writer and I am delighted to have her here today. Everyone? This is Dariel Raye!
Dariel Raye- Author
Tell us a little bit about yourself- (How you decided to enter the world of writing, what does your family think of your writing, where do you get your ideas, etc.) I actually started writing stories in elementary school. I use to make paper dolls with clothes to go with my stories. I won a few writing contests in school, but didn't consider writing again until after my first divorce. I took a summer off from work and entered another writing competition. Didn't place in the competition, but I was hooked again. Been writing ever since. I've always been artsy, so most of them don't pay my writing much attention. Only a few of them read paranormal romance, but they support my book signings and respect the time required to write. Most of my ideas come from the Bible and dreams.

Who Are The Dark Sentinels?

They lived millions of years ago, fatalities of fear and prejudice. Now, answers to a prayer for survival, they are among us again. Other shifters were nearly extinct, murdered by the thousands at mostly human hands. Capable of shifting at will, without the aid of the moon’s phases, they were born to protect them. Bigger, stronger, faster, and longer living, with highly developed preternatural abilities, they are prized outsiders among their packs. Prized for their ability to protect, yet destined to live as outsiders because of the very differences necessary to prevent the pack’s extinction.
Born to stand at the crossroads between pack-members and their slaughterers, Sentinels quickly learn that they are on their own – a different species. Born human, only two are born to each pack, male and female alphas, brother and sister. Pack members deny them mating privileges within the pack based on fear. No female wants to bear a sentinel because their lives are constantly at risk. When danger comes to the pack, they are on the front line, considered expendable.
When they reach mating age, they leave the pack for a time to find a mate – another sentinel. What happens when a sentinel develops feelings for a human? What happens when malevolent scientists learn how to strengthen humans by using sentinel blood?  As you can imagine, with their feral nature barely beneath the surface, Dark Sentinel passions run high. Touch, affection, and loyalty are necessary for their survival, and they are willing to go to extraordinary measures, risk everything, and break every rule for love.

Sable, a sentinel wolf shifter, is captured and locked in his wolf form until Akila, a veterinarian, tries to tame him and unleashes a 6'5" baby blue-eyed surprise.
Dr. Akila Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save as many stray animals as possible. The only child of wealthy, yet distant parents, she’s convinced that love is not for her. Until…

Sable’s search for his twin sister leads him to Akila. Born into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others, he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Akila’s loving, protective nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to trust each other enough to overcome a new, deadly enemy.
“I understand if you prefer others not know about your dual role at the shelter. I assure you I only want to help.”
“Who told you?” She watched as his gaze moved from her breasts to her face. She crossed her legs to control the pleasant thrill his subtle action triggered at her core. It was just too much to hope this gorgeous man liked big girls. Despite her extra pounds, she usually didn’t have too much trouble attracting a man’s attention, but other men who expressed interest in her never looked like this one. He could have easily stepped from the pages of Esquire magazine or, heaven, somewhere gorgeous.
“No one told me. I simply put the pieces together and came to you.”
He was staring into her eyes as if he was trying to determine whether she was being truthful! She stood abruptly. “Dr. Adler, what would be the nature of your...” she narrowed her eyes, “…help?”
“Since I don’t live in the area, it would have to be purely financial.”
“Oh.” This man was unnervingly calm. How was she supposed to respond to that? Gorgeous man walks in – wants to give me money. Hmmm.
She definitely needed the financial help. The shelter was full, and most of its residents were not adoptable, yet Akila saw more homeless animals walking the streets every day. First, though, she wanted to know more about this Dr. Adler, like what was he really after. “Do you also have a no-kill shelter in your area?”
“Yes. In fact, I am the owner and supervising veterinarian.” His smile widened, offering her an unobstructed view of his canines again. “Like yours, our shelter is home to many animals who were sentenced to death.”
A knock on the door drew Akila’s attention. “Come in.”
Sonya stepped into the doorway. “Boss, Mrs. Lee is in the waiting room with Arnold. She asked how long you’d be.” Sonya’s deep-set brown eyes darted between Akila and Dr. Adler, a tiny pucker at her brow.
“Thanks, Sonya. Tell her I’ll be right there.”
Akila turned to her guest. “Dr. Ad...”
He interrupted her. “Please call me Sable.”
Akila felt warmth rushing throughout her face. “Sable.” How fitting. “I’m Akila.”
“Akila.” Sable stood. She liked the way her name sounded falling from those full lips. His voice was deep and a bit raspy in a bad boy way, yet there was something particularly polite about his manner. “I know you’re busy right now. I’ll be here for a few more days. Why don’t we discuss this further over dinner tonight?”
Akila took a quick breath and felt as if she were having an outer body experience when she answered him. The audacity! “Okay.” She reached on her desk and picked up one of her cards. She turned the card over to write her cell phone number on the back, and then remembered she’d lost her phone.
She glanced up at him, wanting to kick herself for being so nervous while he looked so placid. “Um, my cell phone…I haven’t been able to find it today.” She glanced at him again, eager to gauge his reaction. There was none. “I tell you what. Just call me on my land line.”
She wrote the land line number on the back and handed the card to him.
“How’s seven? I’ll call you and get directions to your home.”
“Okay.” Is that all you can say?
Sable opened the door and accompanied her to the front of the clinic. “Thank you, Akila.”
She watched him leave, fighting the strangest urge to run to the door and watch him as long as she could.
Fay popped her lightly on the shoulder. “Ah, he’s gone now. You can close your mouth.”
Akila fought back a blush, closed her mouth, rolled her eyes, and walked quickly to see her next patient. It occurred to her she had given a virtual stranger her phone number, and he’d be calling in a few hours to get her address as well. She smiled. Nothing had ever felt more right.
She looked up and Ray was standing in front of her, a scowl on his face. She hadn’t even noticed him as he came in. She’d been too busy staring after Sable.
Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? Pantser in transition. Loll
Which Goddess best defines you? Artemis
Favorite Dessert? Key lime pie (Ooh, that's a good one. Now, I'll have to whip one up..."
Chocolate or Vanilla? Both
Favorite scent? Lillies (I love lilies, too.)
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Water
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how?  Music. Patti LaBelle or classic Brian McKnight
Do you have a favorite character? Why? Tend to fall for whatever hero I'm writing at the time. I like Akila a lot. Favorite heroine is in an upcoming novel, Aidan's. WILL.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? Definitely late night.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? Psychologist 
I want to take this opportunity to thank Dariel for stopping by to share her book with all of us! I've had the pleasure of reading it (you can read my review in a previous post) and can tell you that is a wonderful story.
Here are the places where you can find Dariel and her books on the web:

Thank you again, Dariel, for being here today.