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Dariel Raye- Author and Guest

I want to introduce you to an author who I met through MFRW's summer camp. She's a terrific writer and I am delighted to have her here today. Everyone? This is Dariel Raye!
Dariel Raye- Author
Tell us a little bit about yourself- (How you decided to enter the world of writing, what does your family think of your writing, where do you get your ideas, etc.) I actually started writing stories in elementary school. I use to make paper dolls with clothes to go with my stories. I won a few writing contests in school, but didn't consider writing again until after my first divorce. I took a summer off from work and entered another writing competition. Didn't place in the competition, but I was hooked again. Been writing ever since. I've always been artsy, so most of them don't pay my writing much attention. Only a few of them read paranormal romance, but they support my book signings and respect the time required to write. Most of my ideas come from the Bible and dreams.

Who Are The Dark Sentinels?

They lived millions of years ago, fatalities of fear and prejudice. Now, answers to a prayer for survival, they are among us again. Other shifters were nearly extinct, murdered by the thousands at mostly human hands. Capable of shifting at will, without the aid of the moon’s phases, they were born to protect them. Bigger, stronger, faster, and longer living, with highly developed preternatural abilities, they are prized outsiders among their packs. Prized for their ability to protect, yet destined to live as outsiders because of the very differences necessary to prevent the pack’s extinction.
Born to stand at the crossroads between pack-members and their slaughterers, Sentinels quickly learn that they are on their own – a different species. Born human, only two are born to each pack, male and female alphas, brother and sister. Pack members deny them mating privileges within the pack based on fear. No female wants to bear a sentinel because their lives are constantly at risk. When danger comes to the pack, they are on the front line, considered expendable.
When they reach mating age, they leave the pack for a time to find a mate – another sentinel. What happens when a sentinel develops feelings for a human? What happens when malevolent scientists learn how to strengthen humans by using sentinel blood?  As you can imagine, with their feral nature barely beneath the surface, Dark Sentinel passions run high. Touch, affection, and loyalty are necessary for their survival, and they are willing to go to extraordinary measures, risk everything, and break every rule for love.

Sable, a sentinel wolf shifter, is captured and locked in his wolf form until Akila, a veterinarian, tries to tame him and unleashes a 6'5" baby blue-eyed surprise.
Dr. Akila Marshall is a veterinarian with a calling – save as many stray animals as possible. The only child of wealthy, yet distant parents, she’s convinced that love is not for her. Until…

Sable’s search for his twin sister leads him to Akila. Born into a rare species of wolf shifters whose main purpose is protecting others, he has always been forced to fend for himself, but Akila’s loving, protective nature draws him – and not a moment too soon. Together, they must learn to trust each other enough to overcome a new, deadly enemy.
“I understand if you prefer others not know about your dual role at the shelter. I assure you I only want to help.”
“Who told you?” She watched as his gaze moved from her breasts to her face. She crossed her legs to control the pleasant thrill his subtle action triggered at her core. It was just too much to hope this gorgeous man liked big girls. Despite her extra pounds, she usually didn’t have too much trouble attracting a man’s attention, but other men who expressed interest in her never looked like this one. He could have easily stepped from the pages of Esquire magazine or, heaven, somewhere gorgeous.
“No one told me. I simply put the pieces together and came to you.”
He was staring into her eyes as if he was trying to determine whether she was being truthful! She stood abruptly. “Dr. Adler, what would be the nature of your...” she narrowed her eyes, “…help?”
“Since I don’t live in the area, it would have to be purely financial.”
“Oh.” This man was unnervingly calm. How was she supposed to respond to that? Gorgeous man walks in – wants to give me money. Hmmm.
She definitely needed the financial help. The shelter was full, and most of its residents were not adoptable, yet Akila saw more homeless animals walking the streets every day. First, though, she wanted to know more about this Dr. Adler, like what was he really after. “Do you also have a no-kill shelter in your area?”
“Yes. In fact, I am the owner and supervising veterinarian.” His smile widened, offering her an unobstructed view of his canines again. “Like yours, our shelter is home to many animals who were sentenced to death.”
A knock on the door drew Akila’s attention. “Come in.”
Sonya stepped into the doorway. “Boss, Mrs. Lee is in the waiting room with Arnold. She asked how long you’d be.” Sonya’s deep-set brown eyes darted between Akila and Dr. Adler, a tiny pucker at her brow.
“Thanks, Sonya. Tell her I’ll be right there.”
Akila turned to her guest. “Dr. Ad...”
He interrupted her. “Please call me Sable.”
Akila felt warmth rushing throughout her face. “Sable.” How fitting. “I’m Akila.”
“Akila.” Sable stood. She liked the way her name sounded falling from those full lips. His voice was deep and a bit raspy in a bad boy way, yet there was something particularly polite about his manner. “I know you’re busy right now. I’ll be here for a few more days. Why don’t we discuss this further over dinner tonight?”
Akila took a quick breath and felt as if she were having an outer body experience when she answered him. The audacity! “Okay.” She reached on her desk and picked up one of her cards. She turned the card over to write her cell phone number on the back, and then remembered she’d lost her phone.
She glanced up at him, wanting to kick herself for being so nervous while he looked so placid. “Um, my cell phone…I haven’t been able to find it today.” She glanced at him again, eager to gauge his reaction. There was none. “I tell you what. Just call me on my land line.”
She wrote the land line number on the back and handed the card to him.
“How’s seven? I’ll call you and get directions to your home.”
“Okay.” Is that all you can say?
Sable opened the door and accompanied her to the front of the clinic. “Thank you, Akila.”
She watched him leave, fighting the strangest urge to run to the door and watch him as long as she could.
Fay popped her lightly on the shoulder. “Ah, he’s gone now. You can close your mouth.”
Akila fought back a blush, closed her mouth, rolled her eyes, and walked quickly to see her next patient. It occurred to her she had given a virtual stranger her phone number, and he’d be calling in a few hours to get her address as well. She smiled. Nothing had ever felt more right.
She looked up and Ray was standing in front of her, a scowl on his face. She hadn’t even noticed him as he came in. She’d been too busy staring after Sable.
Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? Pantser in transition. Loll
Which Goddess best defines you? Artemis
Favorite Dessert? Key lime pie (Ooh, that's a good one. Now, I'll have to whip one up..."
Chocolate or Vanilla? Both
Favorite scent? Lillies (I love lilies, too.)
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Water
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how?  Music. Patti LaBelle or classic Brian McKnight
Do you have a favorite character? Why? Tend to fall for whatever hero I'm writing at the time. I like Akila a lot. Favorite heroine is in an upcoming novel, Aidan's. WILL.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? Definitely late night.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? Psychologist 
I want to take this opportunity to thank Dariel for stopping by to share her book with all of us! I've had the pleasure of reading it (you can read my review in a previous post) and can tell you that is a wonderful story.
Here are the places where you can find Dariel and her books on the web:

Thank you again, Dariel, for being here today.

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