Monday, July 30, 2012

As If I Didn't Have Enough To Do...

Today, I did something I never dreamed I'd do. I started a Facebook page for my Cedar River series. I cannot believe I went to this length, but a friend of mine made the suggestion over the weekend. It stuck in my mind all weekend long so I finally decided to give it a try.
The Cedar River series FB page will be a place for readers to ask the residents questions and get replies. Yes, the fictional characters will the ones posting and making comments. Like us here-  and you can ask those burning questions you may have.
Ana's kicking things off, but any of the characters will be popping on from time to time to let you know what's happening in their lives.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Dark Sentinels-Book One: Sable by Dariel Raye

I am so excited to tell  you about this book! Dariel Raye will be my guest on August 3rd. Please be sure to stop by and show her some love.  Dr. Akila Marshall has spent her life not believing love is in the cards for her. Instead, she has dedicated her life to saving the stray animals. Her veterinary practice certainly has helped her in her mission.
Sable is trying to find his twin sister. A wolf shifter who is used to taking care of himself and his sister, it is hard to  rely on someone else for help.
When a large wolf-like dog is brought into the shelter, Akila's first instinct is to protect him. Taking him home to meet her furry family, Akila is surprised to find them as accepting at they are. The wolf/dog escapes and breaks Akila's heart. The gorgeous man who shows up at  her clinic the next day is enough to make her believe in love.
I couldn't believe how much I loved this story. The characters come to life from page one. The story moves at rapid enough pace to keep the reader interested, but not so fast they can't keep up. Dariel Raye has moved to this reader's must buy list. This a paranormal romance I definitely recommend reading!
Rating: 4 out of 5
Where you can buy Dark Sentinels-Book One: Sable:
Where you can find Dariel on the web:

Friday, July 27, 2012

Guest Author- Patricia T. Macias

Tell us a little bit about yourself- (How you decided to enter the world of writing, what does your family think of your writing, where do you get your ideas, etc.)
Hi, I'm Patricia T. Macias and I was born in San Jose, California. I'm married to a wonderful man, Jose Arturo. We have been married for thirty years.
My family was a little surprised when I started to write. They have been supportive and encouraging from the start. They are very proud and excited about my new novel.
I have three awesome kids. My eldest is my daughter Erica, and then I have two boys. My middle son is Andres and my youngest son is Ricardo. I'm in love with my grandchildren, Anthony, Gabriel, and Christian. I enjoy their escapades and my daughter's efforts to keep up, lol.
I graduated from the University of Phoenix in 1999. I enjoy reading romance and paranormal novels.  I also enjoy spending quality time with family and friends.
I always dreamed of writing romance novels. I wanted to write since I was in elementary. I have a full time job and I write in the evenings and weekends. I'm delighted to be achieving my dream.
It all began with a dream. I dreamed my story over and over again. I decided to write this novel after several weeks of dreaming about all of these characters. I consider them my new best friends, lol.
I started brainstorming and organizing it into outlines. I developed each character’s personalities, interests, and personal love story. I kept on track and was able to create cohesive plots by using a calendar as a timeline.
You sound like a very busy woman! Plus you are very well-organized. To be able to plot out every little piece of your character is very impressive. Especially for an author who flies by the seat of her pants as she writes. *grin*

If I had to judge a book by its cover, I would say this one is hot, Hot, HOT!
Chapter Seven
Jose Enrique sits at the conference table waiting for his novia to
show up. I just want to be here before they do so I can take a good
look at her before they realize I’m here. I have a good feeling about
this. I have been endeavoring to remember Paty’s amigas from
high school. I don’t recall any of them coming over to la casa. Paty
is right. I never paid attention to them. I was too busy studying,
going to school, y assisting on mi free time at la familia’s company.
I have faith in Paty. Paty says mi novia is hermosa, smart, y muy
Paty y Jessy are laughing as they enter the conference room.
Jessy steps into the cuarto first. Oh dios mio, Jose Enrique is
waiting. He looks hotter than ever before. Mi corazon will not stop
pounding. Mi chest, it’s going to explode. I’m going to die. I’m going
to stop breathing.
Take a deep breath, stay calm. I need to be professional,
sophisticated, y sexy. Yeah, right! Geez! Smile and greet him. I
need to put mi portfolio on the desk and be ready for his greetings,
thought Jessy. Take control. Don’t tremble y definitely do not
sweat. Okay, I can do this. Smile.
Jose Enrique observes his novia enter the cuarto first. Dios
mio, Wow! Gracias dios mio. It’s the bella chica that I saw at the
club on Friday. I do owe Paty big, big time. Smiling, Jose Enrique
approaches his novia reaching out to enfold her in a tight hug.
“Hola, novia mia,” Jose Enrique said proceeding to give her
a beso.
What is he doing? He is kissing me! Relax. Return his beso,
thought Jessy.
Jose Enrique almost releases her when he feels her tremble
y stiffens. He is about to step back and release her when he
feels her relax. Dios mio, I have never felt so much attraction in a
simple beso. Her lips are so soft y silky. She tastes like heaven.
She’s trembling. Hmmm maybe I am scaring her. I should stop this
beso. Jose Enrique feels her melting into him as she parts her
lips inviting him to deepen the beso.
Jose Enrique did not stop to think. He takes full advantage
softly entering her mouth to explore every sweet inch. She feels
so good. She feels like she is made especially para me.
Jose Enrique feels her brazos creep up around his neck. She
is responding to his beso. He feels her tongue slipping slowly past
his lips deepening his beso. He then hears her moan.
Jessy lost track of time y forgot all about Paty. I cannot think.
Oh dios mio, I have dreamt of Jose Enrique’s besos forever. He
is so hot y sexy. I always knew he would smell scrumptious. He
smells like spice and sandalwood. He tastes better than I could
ever image. I need to get closer to him. Jessy takes a step closer
rising up on tiptoes. I need more of him, thought Jessy.
Okay, this has to stop, thought Paty. They forgot all about me
y the meeting. Jose Enrique doesn’t even remember her. Great!
This is getting out of hand.
Walking over to the desk, Paty slams down her file on the
desk hoping to get a reaction. I cannot believe this. They didn’t
even react.
“Well, hello! You two need to stop! Okay, we have a meeting!”
yells Paty.
Jose Enrique y Jessy step back but didn’t release each other
from their embrace. They are intensely contemplating each other’s
ojos, reflecting on the amazing passion y physical attraction
that they just experience. It is so unexpected that they were
I cannot believe it. It is the bella chica from the club from
last Friday night. Her ojos are unbelievable, y they really glow.
Right now I can see in her lindo ojos the passion y pleasure that
exploded, threatening to escape our control. Thanks to Paty I was
able to stop.
Jose Enrique is amazing. He really is spicy and hot like I
always imagined. I have never, ever, responded to a simple beso
with so much passion. Si, I have kissed other chicos. Not one of
the chicos that I have kissed has ever caused this type reaction.
Si, of course, I have never kissed in front of an audience. Paty is
mi best amiga, but still, geez. I did not even care. I really forgot
where I was, and who was here. Look at his incredible green ojos.
I can see the burning passion y astonishment in his ojos. Oh, I’m
genuinely in love. Definitely he is todo mio. Jose Enrique only
doesn’t realize it now.
“Uh, okay you two it’s time for the introductions. Especially
since we skipped first base y ran right into second base,” said
Paty, looking at her best amiga y hermano with amusement.
I always knew it. I knew en mi corazon that they are right for
each other. It was only a matter of time until they met y fell in love.
I really think that Jessy is in love y has always loved Jose Enrique.
I know Jose Enrique will fall in love with Jessy. No problema.
He pulls away from the embrace but he continues to hold
Jessy’s right mano, Jose Enrique introduces himself. “Jose
Enrique De La Cruz,” he said with a huge feliz smile as he
bends over Jessy’s mano placing a warm beso on the back of her
“Hola, Jessica Maria Cortez!” said Jessy with a smile. “You
can call me, mi amor,” said Jessy with a mischievous twinkle in
huge golden ojos.

Releasing Jessy’s mano, Jose Enrique moves around to pull
out a chair for Jessy, the one right next to him on his right side.
Jessy sits down looking at him. He pulls a chair for Paty on his
left side.
“It is a pleasure to finally meet you, mi amor,” said Jose
Enrique with a very wicked smile. “You know mi bella novia you
can call me, mi vida.”

Paty simply observes them rolling her ojos up shaking her
cabeza. Oh dios mio, are they ever going to stop? Maybe I should

“Mi amor, I will like to apologize for not remembering you. Paty
is right I was always busy y I didn’t realize that Paty had such a
bella amiga. Can you please forgive me?” asks Jose Enrique with
a sincere hopeful look.

Jessy looks into he’s ojos. I cannot believe it. Jose Enrique
is finally noticing me. “Mi vida, I know you were always busy. I
was just a wimpy niña with braces, so don’t worry about it,” said
Jessy. “I never lost hope, mi vida,” she grins at him.
“Mi amor estoy muy feliz that you didn’t give up on me,” said
Jose Enrique with a sincere smile looking into her ojos. Damn,
she is serious. How did I ever overlook her?

“Nunca,” said Jessy in a breathless voz looking at Jose
Enrique’s incredible green ojos.

“You know, mi amor, I think that I saw you at the club last
Friday night. You were there with some of tu amigas. I was going
to approach you to ask you to dance, when mis primos show up
interrupting me. Then when I turned to go to invite you to dance,
you were gone. This made me real mad at mis primos,” said Jose
Enrique smiling at Jessy. I never dreamed that la chica of mis
dreams is mi novia, thought Jose Enrique.

“Really you were there Friday night? I had to leave early
because I promise mi mama y hermana that I would go with
them shopping on Saturday morning,” said Jessy, smiling at Jose
Enrique with felicidad.

“Oh, what did you get? I hope that you bought some sexy
outfits to wear when we go out?” asks Jose Enrique in a flirty
teasing voz.

Chapter Fifty-Seven

The chica returns and advises Carlos. “Sorry but there were
only two mujers in el cuarto de mujers.”

Carlos’s corazon starts to pound  harder, making it hard to
breathe. He thanks la chica. “Gracias.” turns to go to advise Jose
Enrique y Greg.

“No estan en el cuarto de mujers,” said Carlos, taking deep
breaths. “We need to get security to assist us in searching for
them in the club.”

“Si,” said Greg, starting to turn to locate where the security

A waiter approaches Jose Enrique with a cerveza and note.
“Señor De La Cruz?” asks the waiter, waiting for a response from
Jose Enrique.

Jose Enrique looks at the waiter and cerveza, wondering what
is up with this. “Si, soy De La Cruz,” he responds, waiting for the
waiter to enlighten him.

“Si, this cerveza is sent over by el caballero at the bar with
this note,” said the waiter, turning to indicate which hombre sent
the cerveza y note.

The waiter cannot see the caballero, turns to Jose Enrique
with a small unsure smile. “El caballero is not there anymore,”
he said, handing over the tray to Jose Enrique.

Jose Enrique is looking at the bar and cannot see any caballero
and is getting really anxious. He looks at Greg and Carlos that
indicate to take the note.

“Jose Enrique, read the damn note,” said Carlos with
frustration and anxiety.

Greg is very scared, anxious, and knows that something
awful has happen to his baby. He quickly starts to ask the waiter
questions on what the guey looks like.

“Tell us how this guey looks like,” demands Greg with
controlled fury.

The waiter is getting scared by how furious and frustrated
they look. “He is tall, dark, and looks mean,” said the waiter,
starting to back away from them.

“Did you ever see him in the club before?” asks Greg, watching
the waiter real close. “How long have you worked here?”

“Si, I have worked here for over dos años, and no I have never
seen that hombre before,” said the waiter, starting to get pale.
Este hombre looks ready to kill me and I don’t know what’s
going on, thought the waiter. “Señor el hombre asked me to bring
el Señor De La Cruz esta cerveza y nota.”

Greg can see that the waiter is starting to get scared. He most
likely didn’t know or ever seen the guey, thought Greg. “I need
you to give mi your full name and number,” he requests in an
authoritative voz. Greg wants to have the intel in case they need
to talk to him again.

“Si,” said the waiter, scared and anxious to get away from
Greg. Estos hombres estan muy enojado’s y no si por qué, thought
the waiter, starting to sweat.

“Jose Enrique, tell us what the damn nota dice!” demands
Carlos with frustration, looking at Jose Enrique grow pale and

Jose Enrique looks up with fear and anger in his ojos. “They
took our mujers!” he shouts out in horror, frustration, and rage,
looking around to see if he can see the guey that sent him the

Carlos takes the note away from Jose Enrique’s mano in
frustration, not understanding what he meant. He reads the note
aloud so Greg can hear.

“De La Cruz, we have your tesoros, y you will get them
back when you agree to work with El Mextli el Rey de Baja

Carlos lets out an anguished yell almost falling to his knees
with the intense pain that he feels when he realizes that the
cartel has his baby.

Greg turns and smashes his fist into the wall, yelling out in
pain not believing that his Bella is in the ruthless manos of the

He is shaking with rage, looking for the waiter and going to
him. “You will give me all the details that you can remember
now,” he demands in a forceful and angry voz, pulling the waiter
outside to get all the details.
Carlos follows Greg, pulling Jose Enrique along to hear all
the details.

“Now tell us everything that you can remember about the
guey that gave you the nota,” demands Greg with fury, trying to
not take out his anger and frustration on the waiter.

“I told you that it’s the first time that I saw him in the club.
He is tall, dark, and is wearing black shirt and pants. He has
straight long black pelo to his shoulders and has a tattoo on his
left forearm that looks like an Azteca Indian,” said the waiter,
trembling with fear.

The waiter looks at these strong tall intense-looking hombres
and is scared for his life. It looks like someone is playing with
these hombres, and I don’t want anything to do with it. Dios mio,
help, I don’t know what’s going on.

“Okay, pero you better be available if I need any additional
information. Here’s mi number if you see the guey in here, if
you recall anything, anything at all,” said Greg, looking at the
waiter, memorizing his cara. “Don’t try in hiding because I will
find you.”

“Si,” said the waiter, trembling and ready to run back to work
before they change their minds and start to beat him.

“You better not disappear because we will find you,” said
Carlos, looking at his license that he withdrew from his wallet
handing it over to Greg to write down his information.

“No, I will be available,” said the waiter, waiting for his

“Here,” said Greg shoving his wallet back to him and pushing
him forward in the path to the club.

“What are we going to do? I don’t want the cartel to hurt our
mujers. If we call the police they might hurt them,” said Jose
Enrique, starting to panic.

Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
1.  “No, you cannot go, absolutely not. You cannot come with me. Tu novia y yo will be reviewing the plan. I have to pep talk her. She is also extremely nervous, you know. You are a big catch even if it is just pretending. She does remember you,” states Paty with lots of frustration glaring at Jose Enrique.

2. “Paty, I’m so nervous. What if he doesn’t like me? I know he will like mi work, no problema. What if he doesn’t like me?” asks Jessy real anxious. “Do you like what I’m wearing? Is mi makeup okay? You don’t think I put too much makeup on? Is mi lipstick too dark? Oh, look at mi cute pumps. I think they are so sexy, don’t you?” she asks excited y wanting confirmation.

3.  Pulling back and breathing deeply Jose Enrique gazes into Jessy’s ojos. Oh dios mio, she makes me burn, she makes me need. She is etching herself into mi alma.

4. Jessy turns to look at Paty, trying to see if she is serious. I don’t know if Paty is serious. Can Jose Enrique love me in such a short time? I know he wants me, but love? I think that he can love me by the time the wedding takes place. I just need some time. Weddings take some time. So maybe I can drag out the preparations until I know that he does love me.

5. Jose Enrique is surprised. Dios mio, Jessy is on fire, and she makes me hot for her, thought Jose Enrique. He moans into her mouth as he pulls her closer. He is responding to her passion. I need to touch her.

6. "Si, I allowed her to select whatever she wanted. I want her to have everything y anything she wants, and of course that includes me.” Jose Enrique grins wickedly.

7.  Jose Enrique just sits there y blinks at her in surprise. That’s it, it’s all I’m going to get, oh no. “No, you started, and you have to finish,” he said pulling her onto his lap. He kisses her deeply sliding his manos up her skirt to caress her sweet rear end.

8. Yeah, she’s killing me slowly. I thought the work out at the gym would take care of mi excess energy and passion. Don’t think so. I’m just as passionate as always. I just know tonight is going to
test mi patience.

9. “Mr. De La Cruz, Ms. Nicole Smith and Ms. Victoria Smith are here to see you and Mr. Ricky. Would you like me to show them into your office?” asks Ms. Jones, wondering how her boss is going to handle these young ladies.

10. “I wonder why they decided to show up today, prima?” asks Bella. She is regarding the twins with disgust and pity. “It looks like they are desperate for a man or for my primos’ money.”

“Could be, prima, or maybe they just wanted to start trouble since they could not catch them,” said Paty. “Prima, you know, just to be spiteful.”
Now for some fun:
Which Goddess best defines you?  Athena is a goddess of wisdom and crafts, war and strategy, and inventions in science, industry, art, and agriculture.
Favorite Dessert?    Carrot cake
Chocolate or Vanilla?    vanilla
Favorite scent?   Ralph blue
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Diet Coke
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how? 
No, I don't need to set any mood, thank god. I do prefer to have my surroundings quiet.  My writing flows out into the laptop. I have so many stories anxious to get onto paper that I don' have enough time to do so.
Do you have a favorite character? Why?
Oh yeah, my favorite character in Hot & Spicy is Jose Enrique De La Cruz. I he's confident, hot, sexy, and very passionate.  Jose Enrique is always taking care of his family. He's excels in everything he sets out to achieve. He loves Jessica like crazy and wants to give her everything she wants.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer?   
I don't have a particular time. I love writing and I write every opportunity that I have, lol. If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation?  I'm a writer by choice and preference. I also considered becoming an attorney. I do have a day job. I have been working for thirty-one years for the same company and it's in a technical area.
Where can we find more about you and your books?

You can visit my websites, blog, FB. These sites also have additional sites to follow.

Barnes & Nobles, bookstores Metacafe
Twitter @auth_PTMacias

I want to take a moment to thank Patricia for stopping by and sharing her books with us:) I've had a lot of fun getting to know her and hope you all feel the same.

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You'll Notice Some Changes

I have to apologize to any of you newcomers. I have pulled all pictures from my page with the exception of my personal photos.
It appears as though using pictures you find on Google will cause you to be sued.  (See here for more details:
I can't afford to be sued so I have yanked it all down. However, I will promise you this: I will be out taking pictures from around my area and posting them for you to see. I live in the most beautiful spot in the world and would love to share my corner of heaven with you.
Please be patient while I get my photos together.

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Interviews, Interviews, And More Interviews

I am spending the day on the lovely Kayelle Allen's Romance Lives Forever blog. Click the banner above to come read what I have to say about writing, Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart, my life, and the upcoming release.

I also stopped by to visit with Christina Tetreault on her Happily Ever After blog. Stop in to see what I had to say there.
As you can see I've been busy and it's only going to get better. Visit Kayelle's blog to see what I have planned with the release of Book 2.  Lots of fun to be had for everyone!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're Having a Heat Wave...A Tropical Heat Wave

Sorry, I'm feeling a little off kilter due to this heat. The only song that comes to mind is the one from Grumpy Old Men. I know, I know...they're singing it about the winter in Minnesota, but still...
Down in southern Michigan, the grass is so crunchy you wouldn't dare walk across it in bare feet. Their heat wave has been must longer and more intense than ours here in the UP, but I'm still going to complain a little.
Yesterday, we had to go to the store. Ran out of milk, eggs, bread,and water. Our thermometer inside the truck read 104 at it's hottest. The weather man said it was only 98. It's only a matter of a few degrees so I won't quibble, but seriously? Who pissed Mother Nature off? She's angry at somebody and I'd like to know who it is. Maybe she's peeved at all of us because of what we're doing to this lovely planet. I'm really not sure. Our dewpoints have fallen so we can actually breathe for now. The canine kids are panting horribly and hogging the fans:)
Today, I had a visitor. A garter snake decided the cool cement of my enclosed porch's floor seemed like a good spot to lay. The trick is trying to get him back outside where he belongs...before he tries to get into the house:) I have enough issues with toads getting in the house. Diesel is NOT a fan of toads...especially when they are at his water dish.
No toads for now...must rest

Life is good at our house. Quiet and peaceful during the week, but come Friday...look out. Campers, trailers, trucks, ATVS, you name it, it arrives in the UP. I can actually hear the song from National Lampoon's Vacation in my head.

I spent the weekend learning how to market myself and my books. Part of this summer cyber camp was connecting with other authors. I have some EXCELLENT interviews coming up throughout the rest of the year.
Here's the schedule so far:
July 27-  Patricia Tostado
August 3- Dawn Rasberry- (I'm reviewing her novella so be sure to look for that as well.)
August 15- Aithne Jaretta (Paranormal)
August 30- Saranna DeWylde
October 8- Danita Minnis
October 29- Judi Phillips (Paranormal)- Judi will also be holding a giveaway.
Stay tuned for more details. And stay cool, my dears! I never dreamed I'd be wishing for this in July:
A couple of days of this would feel good right now:)

Please don't leave your children (furry or human) in a hot car! Blessings to you and yours!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

My Special Guest, Virginia Nelson

When I needed to do promotional blogs for Keeper, my dear friend, Virginia Nelson, raised her hand and allowed me to guest blog one day. It's time to return the favor since she is such a busy lady. She had two books release in one week! Whew! Her schedule wears me right out. Everyone, this is Virginia. Virginia, this is everyone.
Tell everyone a little bit about yourself, Virginia:
I’m a single mom of three awesome teenagers who lives in Northern Ohio and generally spends most of the year buried under an insane amount of snow.  When I’m not writing or plotting world domination, I like to draw, play in the mud and sing off key.  My kiddos support my writing, which is good because they know how to make really good coffee and usually are faster than me at telling people their mommy is a writer.  When they proudly announce she writes smut, it is kind of funny the looks we get.  I get my ideas from life and from everywhere around me which is good since I write a lot.  If the people around me weren’t so inspiring, I might have a much harder time doing my job.
I love that they tell people you write smut! Your kids crack me up.

Hangover, check. Ship, check. Hot babe, check.
Sterling McCabe woke to a lovely lady pirate stealing his ship. What he didn't plan on was the assault she'd make on his heart.
Jamie Ashley stumbled over a priceless necklace. What she didn't plan on was stealing the very sexy Sterling McCabe's ship in a mad dash for American waters.
Constantly battling their attraction, Jamie and Sterling are in for a rough ride. Jamie yearns for the affection of the beguiling Sterling while McCabe is desperate to slake the raw desire for his little pirate.
Boat chases, wild friends and a sea tempest create the perfect storm of sexual tension...
You know this is getting added to my Kindle ASAP, right? *grin*
Now for my Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? Plantser?  It really depends on the book.  Some of them I plot out, outline form, and know just when everything is going to happen.  Odd Stuff was written entirely in reverse, last chapter first, and I had no idea how the story began when I started writing that last chapter.  Most of my stories start out with a first chapter clear as a movie in my head and just kind of spin out from there.
Which Goddess best defines you?  Ohh…LOVE this question.  Athena and I even named my daughter after her.  She not only was represented by the owl (one of my favorite animals) but she is in charge of wisdom, war and art.  What author doesn’t identify with all of that?
I do have moments of genius:)
Favorite Dessert? Seconds.  LOL, no really, probably tiramisu since it combines my favorite foods—coffee, chocolate and cake.  The three basic food groups, according to me. (Funny lady! Ha Ha Ha Ha!)
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate but only dark or milk chocolate.  White chocolate is just vanilla with delusions of grandeur. 
I love white chocolate. It's actually one of my favorites, but I'm a chocoholic! Delusions of grandeur? *laughing hysterically*
Favorite scent? A spring storm.  Something about the way the electricity writhes on the air, all tense with promise, and you can smell the rain, even before it falls.  Yes, love it.
Great answer! I love that smell, too, though it's not my favorite.
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Coffee and keep it comin’.  I prefer espresso these days.  High octane only. 
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how?  No.  I wanted to write something sexy here about how I slip into a negligee and then burn my man scented stuff in the Scentsy burner and pour a glass of wine…but if I actually did all that before I wrote, firstly—I wasted all my writing time setting up and secondly—my kids would think I am even crazier than they already think I am.
*laughing out loud* You all see what I mean about Virginia? She cracks me up. And most days, she understands the mood I'm having perfectly.
Do you have a favorite character? Why? Other than the one I am writing at the time?  Well, my all time favorite hero so far had to be Chancellor from the Odd series. The guy smelled like a spring storm, for goodness sake.  I mentioned how much I like that, right?
I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer?  I used to be a strictly night owl writer.  Still, I sometimes crank out a short story in an evening if the writing bug is biting hard enough.  Mostly, these days, I am a morning writer, getting out my words and then going about my day knowing that if all else fails, I got my writing done.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? Having sex with handsome pool boys.  No, really, I can’t imagine doing anything else.  One of my friends, the awesome author Heather Long, once said that writers write because when we were little, we didn’t know what we want to be when we grow up and as storytellers, we get to be everything.  That really rang true with me.  But if I wasn’t telling my stories, I think I would go nuts because they would all still BE there, just not on paper which would drive me buggy pretty quickly.
I agree with you there. I love Heather's way of thinking! It's so true.
I want to thank the lovely Virginia for being here. If you would like to see more about her and her books, you can find her on her blogher websiteFacebook , Twitter, plus the other places she frequents on the web.
Be sure to check out The Accidental Pirate at AmazonBookStrand, and Barnes and Noble.