Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Yooper Wonderland

Old Man Winter has finally decided to pay us a visit. We've had about 4 inches of snow on the  ground for a few days, but today...well, Mother Nature decided enough was enough. I don't know, maybe I bitched too much about the cold. Either way, I have a Yooper Wonderland outside. I'm not complaining by any means because I truly love the snow. After that nasty blast of cold we had, I'll take the snow any day of the week. Here's a little video I took about twenty minutes ago. We're supposed to have another 5-8 inches on top of what we already have. 

The dogs love the snow for the most part. Our German Shepherd believes it's her personal job to create (what we call) Weiner Angels. (She's our little Weiner Schnitzel.) Diesel thinks he needs to take Mama for a walk through every inch of snow we have. Jazzy is too old to appreciate the snow and Klondike is indifferent to most everything (she's more like a cat than a dog.)

What I love best is seeing the other critters' footprints in the yard. We've had deer, grey fox, red fox, loads of bunnies, and a few we haven't identified yet. I'm an animal nut! I can (and have) while away a morning watching two little porcupines play at the edge of the woods. They are simply precious to watch. I even caught the grey fox in our firepit one early morning. He was sniffing through our charcoal briquets looking for goodies. I felt bad for him and started leaving him little pieces of hot dog from time to time. 

Well, it's about time to bundle up and take a walk in the Yooper Wonderland that waits for me. (Dogs potty time.) So, I'm off. 

Whatever your weather is like, stay safe! I want to be able to visit with you later on :)

P.S. If money is tight at your house, but you still want to read Natural Born Enemies, I'm giving away two copies at Coffee Time Romance's Contests by the Cup in their forums:

I also was a part of Coffee Time Romance's Coffee Thoughts blog this week. Because I'm a bit of a ditz, I decided to make it up to readers by offering a copy to one person who leaves a comment on any of my posts.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The past few days have been down right frigid. We had a night with wind chills of -30. Remember the comment I made a while ago about making sacrifices to live in such a beautiful place? I will draw the line at losing toes or fingers. *grin*

I am kidding. I would draw the line at that, but I haven't lost any extremities...YET! 

The cold, however, has inspired finish Book 3. Why you ask? Because it is set during the summer. I'm a writer so my imagination runs away with me at times. I can feel the summer breeze coming off the lake and dancing across my skin. Sunshine heats the air and my cold body. The warmth fills me with life. Then, one of the dogs begs to go outside and I get cold again. 

It's when I stop writing that becomes worrisome. I have had the thought of becoming like a big ol' bear. You know, crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleeping in my warm cave until spring? *grin* I do fight back that feeling because I happen to know winter is just beginning here. In March, we usually get our snow. A lot of snow!

This is the view from my front yard last March. I can only imagine how the weird weather will effect us this year. 

My backyard view
I probably should explain how much I love getting snowed in. For us, it means cooking comfort food, cuddling under the covers, and watching movies. It also means sleeping in and getting to skip school. Yeah, I'm a little kid at heart. Snow days are even better now. *wink*

Oh heavens! Well, the dogs are begging to go outside and that means bundling up to go out. If I don't freeze out there. I'll see you in a few days :)
Stay warm! Be safe! Stay inside and read. I happen to know of an author who MAY have a couple of books out...

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heather Geoffries and The Nordic Prince

I have been so blessed to meet the people I have met on this journey. They lift me up when I'm feeling down and help me out when I'm in a bind. But mostly, it is a support group who will share their experiences and allow you to vent when things just aren't going right.

Heather Geoffries is one of those special people. She is a brand-new shiny author. Her story is on my list of must-buys when it's released. I can hardly wait. 

Everyone, give Heather a HUGE welcome!

     Why did you choose to write the genre you write? I couldn’t resist the draw of newly discovered love and lust.

      What do you do when you’re not writing? What don’t I do? Hehe. I am a full time mom and housekeeper  to two precocious little girls, I am a full time wife to my knight-in-shining-armor-who farts occasionally, I am a full time student (I’m a Junior) at KSU,  I am a reviewer for 2 book reviewing companies. I live close to my family and spend time with them and I like to write for myself and my writing group M.U.S.E(most underappreciated super egos) in my free time.
*Another very busy lady!*

     Do you control the story as you write or do your characters run the show? The characters always drive. I don’t think they trust me to get them to the destination safely. :D They are very pushy. *I completely understand that feeling.*
     Are you a plotter or a pantser? *sigh* I’m a pantser. I try to get organized but after the initial getting to know the characters and basic outline my Muse grabs me and pulls me where he wishes.
       Do you listen to music as you write? If so, can you tell us a few of your must-haves? I sometimes listen to music depending on my mood and my story’s mood. Mostly I love the sound of silence after the wee ones go to bed but occasionally the characters like some romantic songs(it’s like being at a wedding reception on those days) and sometimes they like something with a beat.(ie. Pink, Lincoln Park, and club versions of some of my favorite musicals. J)
*Quiet? What is this quiet of which you speak?*

    When you’re writing do you have to have certain items? A particular pen, a certain drink, snacks, etc. Coffee. Um…Coffee, oh yeah and coffee. heh

   Is there a certain time of the day when you write more? Morning, afternoon, late night? I want to be that morning writer but sadly, the best time is at night when not a creature is stirring. I’ve stayed up until 4 before knowing the kiddies will wake me at 8. Ugh! Not the best game plan for sure.

   If you weren’t an author, what would you be? Currently I’m working on my bachelors in Psychology then I’ll continue until I get my PHD.
*Oh so, you're not only beautiful and talented, you're ubersmart. Geesh!* *G*

   What books/authors do you read to entertain yourself? I read a lot of books during the month but there are a few I seek out for pleasure:  Jim Butcher’s Dresden files, Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander series, Kim Harrison’s Hollow’s, Charlain Harris’s Southern Vampire novels(the books that True Blood is based off of), Anything, Laurell K. Hamilton, Virginia Nelson(The rainbow haired one), Saranna DeWylde, Heather Long and now Gemma K. Murray.

 What are you working on now/next? Anything new we can expect from you? I recently submitted a sequel to Nordic Prince about his sister Amanda. I’m still waiting to hear back. If they like that one, I have at least one more sequel to that. Right now I’m working on a 1 night Stand short for Decadent Publishing where the main female protagonist gets one chance to make things right with her husband before he’s killed in a car crash. On the side I’m also playing with a couple unfinished shorts I wrote for my M.U.S.E meeting.

   Any advice you would pass on to future authors? Is it too cliché to say: Just Do It? I’ve been writing for fun for years but I doubted my ability and was too scared to submit it. Then a friend of mine saw potential and help me smooth out my story and demanded I submit it. lol.  The rest they say is history. There is also the wisdom of Dori: Just keep swimming(or writing)
*It's one of those things that I think needs to be repeated.*

*What a gorgeous cover!*

When Doctor Steven Mills is dragged onto The Nordic Prince for fun in the sun by his sister, Amanda, he is certain he will be miserable. Until he meets Erik.
Erik is fun, exciting and just what the doctor ordered. Some drinks and dancing with him are more enticing to Steven than any date he’s gone on with women. Before long, the two escape the busy dance floor for the quiet—and private—spa where Eric works on Steven’s body with very skilled hands. Steven is overcome with an onslaught of new emotions and sensations and has the best sexual experience of his life.
Now Steven must wrestle with new feelings and desires and make a decision that could change his life forever.

Steven looked on with curiosity.  “What are you…?”
With two long strides Erik was by his side, his lips closed over Steve’s, momentarily silencing any further words. 
Erik probed Steve’s lips with his warm tongue.  Lust kindled earlier exploded into an inferno of complete hunger, which threatened to consume his impulse to resist. 
Lightly touching Steve’s face, Erik gazed at him.  “I have wanted to do that all night.”
Steve’s will reasserted itself once more. He backed away a step.  Feeling very confused, he tried to articulate the war that raged within his heart.  “I can’t.  You’re …It isn’t…” 
Like a sensual panther, Erik stalked toward Steve’s retreating form, backing him against a wall.  Growling with an animalistic lust, “I want you.”  Erik’s mouth descended on Steve’s neck, licking and nipping, causing a pure desire, which had him moaning once again. 
Surrendering, Steve’s arms wrapped around Erik pulling him closer of their own accord.

*Sigh* I love having such talented friends, but they are so wicked! They share these incredible blurbs and excerpts, then I have to wait until the book is released! *smile* I know my heart is beating a little faster after this :D

Now for some fun:

Which Goddess best defines you? My internal personality won’t let me be a Goddess but maybe I could be a Titan—Maybe Chronos.
Favorite Dessert? Chocolate
Chocolate or Vanilla? Um…heh *see above*
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? *see above*
Do you have a favorite character? Your own or others and why? I have many-for many reasons but I will go with: Janie Smith and Chance from Virginia Nelson’s “Odd Stuff” series. Janie is a klutz and a bit naïve at times which keeps me rolling with laughter at her antics and Chance is Electric and passionate and…mmm…*drools*Pretty much walking sex and power. 

*I just downloaded Odd Stuff. I've got to wait to read it though.*
Can you tell people where they can find you online?

I want to tell Heather thank you for stopping by and visiting with us. Be sure to check out her links and The Nordic Prince when it comes out. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

Social Media and the Downfall of Gemma K.

Until 5 years ago, I didn't have a computer. I had to travel into town to visit the library if I needed information. Looking back, I'm not sure exactly what I did with my time without a computer. LOL

Now, I have a desktop, a laptop, my husband's laptop, a Kindle Fire, and an iPad. It's like a disease. Technology runs our lives and it is damn scary.

When the computer came to our house, it was old, but it worked. We got it hooked up and I vowed to stay away from social media. I caved and joined Facebook because my family is spread all over the country. It was a really cool way to keep up with the events of their lives and see their pictures.

Now, I'm published and I've become a social media 'ho. I went from having one Facebook page for my personal stuff to having 3 FB pages (personal, professional, book series) plus I'm admin on 2 other FB pages. PLUS, you have to figure in my Pinterest page, my Goodreads page, my website, Google+, this blog, and Twitter

Today, a friend asked if anyone was on the new Myspace. *sigh* She lured me to the dark side with the promise of booze and chocolate. Yes, I've now added Myspace to my list of social media haunts.

*steps up to podium and taps the mic* Good evening, my name is Gemma K. Murray and I'm a social media whore! 

I cannot believe how much my life has changed in the last few years, but 2012 changed my life in so many ways. The evil of social media has invaded my life and has taken over. I'm going to have to get out the whips and chair so I can back the evil into a corner. I need to learn how to control IT and not let it control ME.

If you don't hear from me for a few days, come looking for me...I may need to be rescued!

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Farewell, my darling daughter

Yesterday, I awoke to one of the saddest things in my life. My darling canine daughter, Kodiak, had crossed the Rainbow Bridge.

She was our first canine kid. In fact, I often told her she started this whole mess :) The backstory to Kodiak coming to live with us is this:

In 1998, I had gone through everything I could handle to try and conceive a child. We decided to buy a house for the time when the blessed event would occur. We moved into our house in November of 1998. November 15, my doctor phoned to tell me that she couldn't see the reason, but from test results, it appeared as if I would never have children. (A doctor later would tell me she believed it had to do with my father being exposed to Agent Orange while in Vietnam.) I was devastated. My whole life, I wanted to be a mom. Adoption was a pipe dream and way out our way, pay-wise.

In December, my husband came home from work with an idea. What if we got a dog? I hemmed and hawed, not sure that was the answer. Finally, I said, why not? We had a huge backyard and plenty of time. Isn't it funny that a guy the hubby worked with just happened to have brand-new chow mix puppies to give away? *grin*

New Year's Eve 1998, my husband went to work. He had to work until noon (loads of overtime), but he was bringing home a puppy when he returned. Because we were set for a HUGE snowstorm, I had him pick up a collar, leash, puppy food, etc., to get us through. He came home with this little wriggly ball of black fuzz. He handed her to me and I fell in love. He said, "Here's your daughter." I snuggled her and cried. She promptly peed on me :) 

For 14 years, we were blessed with Kodiak. Never a day went by that we regretted bringing her home. We loved her with everything we had and spoiled her rotten. (We've done that with all of our canine kids.) She's moved with us from our house to her grandma's house to three different places in Pennsylvania, out to Oklahoma, back to her grandpa's, and here to the U.P.

I miss her so much. There is a Kodiak-size hole in our family. I told my husband last night, "I don't know how to be a mom to 4. We've always had 5." 

Farewell, my darling daughter. We love you and will miss you until we meet again at Rainbow Bridge. Kiss your brother and sister when you get there. Tell Dad I love him. We'll see you again.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Introducing You to Nicole Fergusson

One of the best things about being on this journey is meeting new authors as I go along. Nicole Fergusson is one of my sister authors at LOF Publishing and I'm so happy that we met. We both write urban fantasy and when I asked her to be my guest here, she said, "Yes!"
So, everyone, meet Nicole.

I've been asked to put together a couple of guest blog posts. So I've been thinking, what's something new to say about Gothic that just hasn't been said now and over the last three months since Gothic was released? Synopses litter the internet trail behind me, there are a couple of excerpts round and about, but I'm in the situation where I don't want to give away *too many* of them. So what to do, what to do?

Right now, I'm in the middle of a feverishly hot summer in Melbourne, fresh into the new year of 2013, a new year, a good time for new resolutions and for new authors to put on our shelves!

The biggest thing that stands out as a positive for me for last year is that I got this wonderful little book published over with the lovely people at Leap of Faith publishing.

You may have heard of it. I like to call it 'Gothic (Shadows of Melbourne #1)'.

Something that I really only ever did once, and on this blog, and in <a href="">October last year,</a> is a quick 'Meet the Characters' segment, with a couple of visual cues to aid.

Since then, I have finally remembered the fresh face that I originally imagined in my head when I first started writing about Dahlia.

Dahlia is a fresh faced girl, living out of home for the first time, studying at university and meeting all sorts of new faces. One of them is her friendly neighbourhood vampire, studying a class on Gothic literature at nights alongside her. Oh, no, I hear you say! However will she deal with the fact that this new friend of hers is a creature of the undead?

Quite well, actually. You see, Dahlia just happens to have a werewolf for a father, a ghost for a mother, and a vampire for a godmother. And Dahlia isn't interested in having more supernatural complications entering her life.

Unfortunately for her, that would be a very boring way to plot out a novel. And so, instead of freedom from the supernatural elements of her life, Dahlia is drawn in when one by one, her werewolf kin begin to go missing and when, despite herself, she is also drawn to one very pretty new vampire in her life.

Please join Dahlia into the journey of being ordinary when the players in her life are anything but. The sequel novel, 'Revelry' is due for release in the first half of 2013.

Visit me, and Dahlia, over at my personal blog:

and the buy links for Gothic:

And the publisher website, Leap of Faith (ePub, MOBI, PDF, HTML):

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Christmas Eve with Flame Arden

Due to some very horrible technical difficulties, I was unable to help Flame Arden promote her book, Christmas Eve, when it was released. 
Flame, I apologize that it took me so long to get this up for  you.

Tell us a little bit about yourself- I was born to write, but it took me a long time to find the right publisher. News event inspire a lot of my writing, and strangers I happen to meet who peak my interest. Christmas Eve, my erotic romance Evernight Publishing recently released, was inspired by a trip to Mt. Charleston outside of Las Vegas to play in the snow with my granddaughter.

In a blinding snowstorm on Christmas Eve, the jaded owner of a posh Las Vegas casino mistakes the stranded real estate agent at his door for the classy call girl he's expecting to heat up his holiday.
Passions ignite. Eve has learned men believe bedding her the most direct route to her wealth. Nick's female companions always want the keys to his Ferrari and to his safe deposit box, never to his heart, so he distrusts the entire lot and expects to simply walk away unscathed when his brief time with Eve ends.
Neither expects to give marriage a try, but hearts have a way of going where cautious souls refuse, and after screwing their heads off for six days and nights Nick and Eve discover without love their former lives were little more than empty shells.

Finally. Nick St. Clair took one last look around. Everything seemed in order. Don't let your irritation at your hired date's tardiness show. She might have a reasonable excuse for being late.
Straightening the lapels of his hip-length robe, he crossed to the door. Beneath the robe, black silk pajama pants provided minimal warmth but kept him decent.
"I'm sorry to disturb you," the statuesque woman on his porch said with a bright smile, "but I've done something really stupid and wondered if you—"
"Don't just stand there." Nick opened the door wider, anxious to see what his credit card had purchased this time. "Come in."
"Thanks." After a slight hesitation, the woman stepped gracefully inside. Ice crystals clung to the fine wool scarf wrapped loosely around her neck, and to her stylish boots. She was all bundled up in a long coat, but Nick's mind's eye had no difficulty sketching what he hoped was hidden underneath.
The lady wore far too many clothes.
"I'm afraid my boots are wet." She glanced first at him. His welcoming smile seemed to stun her. She stared at her boots. "Where would you like me to stand?"
"By the fire." Nick indicated the hearth. "You look frozen." Although in need of a woman, he had no desire to bed an icicle. He wasn't that desperate. Yet.
She crossed the room at a slow pace, her fluid movements an aphrodisiac to him, although each tentative step left behind a patch of melting ice. Sex-deprived man that he was, his living room suddenly felt too warm. Things were looking up.
"I've been busy on the computer," he said, surprised by the sudden gruffness of his usually smooth voice. He joined her before the fire. "I hadn't noticed it had begun to snow."
A soft-looking, hooded leather coat covered her to her ankles. What lay beneath all those layers?
To his surprise, the unknown whetted his appetite. "Here, let me help you out of that coat."
No? Her response drew Nick up short.
"That won't be necessary," she said, her sexy eyes wide. "I'll just keep it on, since I'm hoping we'll be going right back out."
Out? Was this some sort of sex game played to excite him?
"Problem is..." She paused, smiling up at him, even daring to bat her eyes.
Unusual eyes, those. Emeralds, flecked with gold, and about all Nick could see of his date at the moment. He found the situation so damned erotic he began to sweat.
"... my car slid in the ditch next door," she added, drawing his thoughts from what treasures her long coat might hide. "I wouldn't bother you, but this mountain seems to be out of my cell phone's service area and I wondered if I might use your phone to call for a tow."
The dimple nestled in the satiny cheek nearest Nick flirted with him as she spoke. Intriguing. Might as well play along. "Sure."

Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser? A little of both, I guess. I like to know my stories will come to a satisfying conclusion and the guy will get the gal before I start writing, but I no longer outline in great detail. I like the little surprises my characters sometime have in store for me, and give them more freedom than I once did.
Which Goddess best defines you? Pandora, but I doubt she is considered a Goddess. I'm incurably inquisitive. Who? Why? What? When? And Where? Wanting the answers to those questions is what once made me a successful newspaper reporter.
Favorite Dessert? Praline ice cream.
Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate, of course
Favorite scent? Coffee brewing
Coffee, tea, soda, or water? Coffee. My father drank gallons of coffee every day. I'm not that bad, but I do enjoy a morning cup of good-smelling coffee.
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how? I set the mood with roses, scented candles and soft music playing in the background.
Do you have a favorite character? Why? Nick St. Clair, the hero of Christmas Eve, is my current favorite, a man so busy building his fortune he relies on an escort service to provide female companions to heat up his down time. He is suave and debonair and filthy rich to boot, but he doesn't flaunt his wealth and has not forgotten his roots. He knows how to make a lady feel special and isn't ashamed to admit he's a romantic, through and through. Who wouldn't want to be stranded with him in a mountain cabin during a blinding snow storm?
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer? I can write anytime, I just don't make enough time.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation? If I wasn't a writer I'd be a house painter. If I had the time I'd give every room in my house a fresh coat of paint every two years, shove the furniture around to new locations and give replace the windows a fresh, new treatment. I can no long do that and write, too.
You'll find Flame hanging out here:
You can download Christmas Eve here:
Or from your favorite eBook store

Flame Arden speaks talks like a well-bred Southern lady, but writes hot love scenes with squirm factor, so you be the judge.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Wishing you a sexy new year!

Thanks so much for having me on the blog today, Gemma!
It’s a new year!  A time for reminiscing on years gone by but not letting the past color the possibility of the future.  Sometimes, though, the past is hard to get over.
My main character in Turn Me On, my new ff erotic romance from MuseItUp Publishing, has to deal with just this problem.  Kay gets slammed with a lot of very unlucky, sucktastic things on the Valentine’s Day in this story, most of which stems from her past.  But one thing is for sure—she can either hold on to her bitterness, which is poor company in the night, or she can take another chance at love.
I hope you enjoy Kay and Cammie’s love story as much as I did writing it.  I wish I could write everyone who has a less than stellar Valentine’s Day a happy ending just like I did for them!

Valentine's Day sucks.

When Kay gets a call to meet a former lover for Valentine's Day, she learns that not only is the ex getting married but she expects Kay to take part in the blessed event.

Kay doesn't want chocolates.

The sexy sister of the groom-to-be is determined to help Kay get over the bride. 
Turn Me On…
Will Cammie help Kay learn that passion is better when it isn’t hidden?  Or will Kay give up the one woman who can bring her body—and her broken heart—back to life?

About the Author: Virginia Nelson spends her days chasing three very active kids around. When she is not doing this, or plotting taking over the world, she likes to write, play in the mud, drive far too fast and scream at inanimate objects. She can often be found listening to music that is far too loud and typing her next fantastic tale of blood, sex and random acts of ineptitude. Romance, in Ms. Nelson’s opinion, is not about riding off into the sunset on the back of a horse with the knight in shining armor— it is about riding the dragon. If the knight can keep up… well, that is love.  Find me online
Grab your copy of Turn Me On today!