Wednesday, January 23, 2013


The past few days have been down right frigid. We had a night with wind chills of -30. Remember the comment I made a while ago about making sacrifices to live in such a beautiful place? I will draw the line at losing toes or fingers. *grin*

I am kidding. I would draw the line at that, but I haven't lost any extremities...YET! 

The cold, however, has inspired finish Book 3. Why you ask? Because it is set during the summer. I'm a writer so my imagination runs away with me at times. I can feel the summer breeze coming off the lake and dancing across my skin. Sunshine heats the air and my cold body. The warmth fills me with life. Then, one of the dogs begs to go outside and I get cold again. 

It's when I stop writing that becomes worrisome. I have had the thought of becoming like a big ol' bear. You know, crawl back into bed, pull the covers over my head, and sleeping in my warm cave until spring? *grin* I do fight back that feeling because I happen to know winter is just beginning here. In March, we usually get our snow. A lot of snow!

This is the view from my front yard last March. I can only imagine how the weird weather will effect us this year. 

My backyard view
I probably should explain how much I love getting snowed in. For us, it means cooking comfort food, cuddling under the covers, and watching movies. It also means sleeping in and getting to skip school. Yeah, I'm a little kid at heart. Snow days are even better now. *wink*

Oh heavens! Well, the dogs are begging to go outside and that means bundling up to go out. If I don't freeze out there. I'll see you in a few days :)
Stay warm! Be safe! Stay inside and read. I happen to know of an author who MAY have a couple of books out...

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