Tuesday, July 17, 2012

We're Having a Heat Wave...A Tropical Heat Wave

Sorry, I'm feeling a little off kilter due to this heat. The only song that comes to mind is the one from Grumpy Old Men. I know, I know...they're singing it about the winter in Minnesota, but still...
Down in southern Michigan, the grass is so crunchy you wouldn't dare walk across it in bare feet. Their heat wave has been must longer and more intense than ours here in the UP, but I'm still going to complain a little.
Yesterday, we had to go to the store. Ran out of milk, eggs, bread,and water. Our thermometer inside the truck read 104 at it's hottest. The weather man said it was only 98. It's only a matter of a few degrees so I won't quibble, but seriously? Who pissed Mother Nature off? She's angry at somebody and I'd like to know who it is. Maybe she's peeved at all of us because of what we're doing to this lovely planet. I'm really not sure. Our dewpoints have fallen so we can actually breathe for now. The canine kids are panting horribly and hogging the fans:)
Today, I had a visitor. A garter snake decided the cool cement of my enclosed porch's floor seemed like a good spot to lay. The trick is trying to get him back outside where he belongs...before he tries to get into the house:) I have enough issues with toads getting in the house. Diesel is NOT a fan of toads...especially when they are at his water dish.
No toads for now...must rest

Life is good at our house. Quiet and peaceful during the week, but come Friday...look out. Campers, trailers, trucks, ATVS, you name it, it arrives in the UP. I can actually hear the song from National Lampoon's Vacation in my head.

I spent the weekend learning how to market myself and my books. Part of this summer cyber camp was connecting with other authors. I have some EXCELLENT interviews coming up throughout the rest of the year.
Here's the schedule so far:
July 27-  Patricia Tostado
August 3- Dawn Rasberry- (I'm reviewing her novella so be sure to look for that as well.)
August 15- Aithne Jaretta (Paranormal)
August 30- Saranna DeWylde
October 8- Danita Minnis
October 29- Judi Phillips (Paranormal)- Judi will also be holding a giveaway.
Stay tuned for more details. And stay cool, my dears! I never dreamed I'd be wishing for this in July:
A couple of days of this would feel good right now:)

Please don't leave your children (furry or human) in a hot car! Blessings to you and yours!

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