Friday, August 10, 2012

My Corner of the World

It's been a while since I actually posted a blog for you. There aren't a lot of excuses I can make, but I will tell  you I've been working hard on Book 3. Silver and Brady are just fun to write. Silver makes me laugh as she attempts to get Brady and his neat, tidy world all tied up in knots.
I've also been taking my cameras with me when I leave the house. We went to the park in town the other weekend. I was able to get some GREAT shots. Here's one of my favorites:
Hene Park
This little guy was not happy with us being on his territory. Usually, we have bread to feed them, but not that day. 
The other day, I decided to I needed some quiet. Trust me! It was better for everyone when I disappeared outside to sit at the picnic table to write. I needed the quiet I wasn't able to get inside. (With a husband, a mastiff who thinks he needs my attention 24/7, and a town of characters who hassle me day and night, it was a NECESSITY to step outdoors.) I sat down at our picnic table and managed to hammer out 1200 words  before my growling stomach made me go inside in search of food. This is the view I had from my table:
Now, how can a writer complain about the view? I know I can't. Here's another view from my makeshift writing desk:
Kind of makes you wish you were here, huh? *grin* Can you understand why I set my stories here? With such beauty here, it seems  like the perfect place for couples to fall in love. This is a picture I took early in the summer. In the backyard, we have two trees and in between the two trees grows a mound of flowers. They seem to have been planted by the fairies and filled with magickal potential. Okay, I'll admit to why I love them so much. Every year, they come up and I'm taken to a scene from The Fellowship of the Ring. It's the scene where Aragorn is trying to save Frodo's life after the battle with the wraiths at Weathertop. Aragorn asks Sam to help him find some kingsfoil. In my mind, this is what the flowers look like. (Yes, I'm a HUGE LOTR geek.)
And this picture was not set up by any means. If  you ever meet my precious boy, you'll understand that it would be impossible to set a picture like this up. It was simply one of those moments that only Life can hand you. A simple blessing.
Precious, right? I will tell you that he then proceeded to lift his leg on them once the shutter snapped. Don't tell him I shared this pic with you. He thinks he is quite the bad ass:) I probably shouldn't tell you that his favorite toy is a pink stuffed puppy either:) Yep, he's a bad ass puppy! So, this is a little insight into my corner of the world. It's a beautiful place and I wouldn't trade it for the world. I have a view many people envy and I'm appreciative of every day I get to spend in this setting. I hope you liked stepping into my world.Have a weekend filled with blessings!

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