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Countdown To The Release of This Blackened Night with L.K. Below

If you've visited my website lately, you will have noticed the countdown widget in the left sidebar. I was introduced to L.K. Below a few years ago when I won one of her books. I fell in love with her stories. When she contacted me about doing a blog on my website, well, we'll just say, I was a little starstruck. It is such an honor to have her here with me today. Now, before I scare her completely away...
37 Days until the release of This Blackened Night, The Order: Book 3!
Every author has a set of characters more dear to their hearts than any others. In most cases, this stems from these characters being among the first ever created. I won't claim Lori and Terrence were my very first, but they did come close. Their first book, Stalking Shade, which released in 2011, was originally written in 2007. And rewritten. And rewritten.
And now it feels like a dear friend is moving away. With the release of This Blackened Night on September 24th, 2012, the trilogy will come to an end. Lori might be a prickly character, not easy for anyone but Terrence to love, but I had a lot of fun with her. When I wrote this third book late last year, I dragged my feet to see it finished for the same reason. I didn't want to let the pair of them go. A not-so-secret part of me is hoping for an overwhelming response from readers asking me to continue so I have an excuse to revisit my favorite characters.
For now, I'm counting down the days until the third book releases. Maybe you'll fall in love with Lori and Terrence every bit as fiercely as I have. Lori might be stubborn in pushing people away, but Terrence is the most persistent character I've ever written. Good thing, too.
Join me in celebrating the release of the third book a bit early with this short, sweet teaser excerpt:

This Blackened Night by L.K. Below
With murders cropping up all around, who should she trust?
After months of searching, Lori finally scrounges up a clue as to the whereabouts of the missing leader of her secret organization. But her vision isn't encouraging--it points to her vampire companion Terrence as the culprit.
Terrence is adamant that he isn't at fault. Even though she knows she might be walking into a trap, she follows his lead to a shabby island port. When her informants start turning up dead with puncture wounds in their necks, Lori wonders just how well she knows Terrence. And why does he act different during the search than in their hotel room?
Lori doesn't know who to trust anymore. She only hopes that she won't be the next victim.

Six Sweet Sentences from the book:
The apartment was sparse. Her painstaking search turned up nothing. She peeked through the blinds to the street outside. Pink strips of sunlight edged the horizon. She sat heavily on the bed.
Terrence wasn’t coming back.

Learn more about the series as a whole on the Lyrical Press, Inc. website:
Read a longer excerpt from This Blackened Night at 
Bio: If L.K. Below gets far too attached to her characters, well, that's because they're interesting people. Read two of her favorites in her urban fantasy series, The Order. Join her online at to learn more. Want to keep up to date with her tour stops? Follow her on Twitter ( or Facebook (

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