Friday, September 20, 2013

Music Soothes the Writer's Soul

Music has been a huge part of my life. From singing along with the radio to dancing with my dad in our kitchen, music feeds me in a way other things can not.

I have a pretty eclectic choice of music going on most days. From Southern Rock to Latin and Celtic music to rock and classic rock, it depends on the day and my mood. My Youtube playlist would scare most people with the odd and random music you can find there. 

As most of you know, there are changes coming this year. Some are very hard and personal. Others are professional. I'm trying my hand at writing all sorts of new things. One of the things I just started is a horror. Let me tell you, I had to find the darkest depths of my soul to go there. It required me turning to music I probably wouldn't normally listen to and reaching for the darkness. The story is draining me, but it is something that needs to be written so it doesn't continue to haunt me as it has for the last 10 years.

When I was finished writing for the day, I had to curl up with Michael Buble, Christ Botti, and Celtic Thunder in the hopes of bringing myself back from the edge. (A silly message from a dear friend helped pull my spirit out of the darkness, too.) 

So, let me tell you about my current playlists for the books I'm working on. With the new Cedar River series, I've got a lot of Lynyrd Skynrd, Eric Clapton, Santana, John Mayer, and Bob Segar playing when I work on that. With my two new series, I've got one character who loves Frank Sinatra and the whole Rat Pack era. The other series is all 80s romance. (Don't ask because I have no idea. This heroine doesn't necessarily believe in romance so why this is the playlist is just as much my guess as yours.) The horror I'm working on has some Motorhead, Danzig, Rammstein, etc. playing. (I know I'm weird.)

Tell me about your favorite bands. Who do you love to listen to and why? I'm curious. Who knows? One of your favorite songs may end up in one of my books :)

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  1. My tastes vary like yours do. One song could be Lil' Sheba by 38 Special and the next could a bit of Pachelbel (Canon in D is my favorite). I tend towards rock music, but I like Top 40 just as well. Really, anything that has a good beat and can make me move is what I've got on. My current listening choices includes Nicholas Marks (a gypsy guitarist at Downtown Disney), Celtic Woman, Bryan Adams, Rob Zombie and The Judds. Those change with my mood, but they are a few of the playlists in rotation on my iPod.