Friday, April 20, 2012

Hiding Away

The weather hasn't been all that wonderful here lately. I did wake up to this awe-inspiring sunrise the other morning.

I stepped out the front door with the first of the canine kids and the most brilliant red light flowed over me. I had to run back  inside to grab my camera. Of course, the saying does say, "Red in the morning, sailor's warning. Red at night, sailor's delight." That should have given me my first clue of what was coming.
Last night, my darling husband had to run our 13 year old German Shepherd out and I hear, "What the hell?" from the entry way. I figured he could handle the problem and went to take a shower. I was briefly interrupted from my heated bliss by the husband bringing the dog into the bathroom...covered in snow!
An hour later, we took them all out before bed and a couple of them didn't want to step off the porch. They love the snow so this was odd. All we can think is they were loving the non-snow weather we were having and didn't know quite what to make of the white stuff being back. Mother Nature's weird sense of humor is a little disturbing.
I've decided to stick my head out of my writing cave for a little bit just to see what's happening out here in the world. I  placed an order for coffee mugs with my book cover on them, but I hadn't received them yet. Ticked me off royally. After getting the run around, I cancelled the order and found a different website to order from. These new coffee mugs will be better and prettier. Plus, I got networking cards.
Pretty sexy, right? I was going to put my book cover on them, but because I'm finishing up the 2nd book, I didn't feel as if it would be fair to favor one over the other.

Oh, if you haven't "liked" me on Facebook yet, you should! I added a photo the other day. It's a photo of what Adam looks like (at least in my mind). As for Lance, Brady, and Callum, you'll just have to wait and see what I come up with:) *laughs evilly*

Okay, I'm going to retire back to the writing/homework cave. I can see the finish line in Adam and Luna's book, but I've got a research paper that I have to get done, too. I should be able to print off Adam and Luna's story this weekend, read over it for mistakes (not that I make any *grin*), and off to my lovely editor next week. Fingers crossed that she likes it!

Have a fantastic weekend filled with joy and blessings!

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