Thursday, September 6, 2012

Silver Interviews Gemma

So, I was trying to think of some sort of humorous story to write about, but none sprang to mind. You see, my life outside of my head isn't nearly as exciting as the one reeling in my head. I have been wracking my brain trying to decide on a topic.  Finally, I decided to let one of my characters interview me. Silver seems to be the one jumping up and down, waving her arms frantically, so I guess I'll give her a shot.
Let me tell you a little bit about Silver. She is from Witch Lake, Michigan, a little town just south of Cedar River (you know the place I moved north). She and her twin sister, Starr, are Celtic witches. Silver's element to call is fire and once you get to know her, you'll understand why. Silver has a very funky style and she loves keeping the second Golden boy on his toes. You'll get to know more about Silver once I finish Book 3, but for now, I'll let her do the talking:
Silver wavesHello all! Good to see your faces today. Alright, Gemma, are you ready?
As ready as I'll ever be.
Great! We'll start with an easy question: How long have you known you would be writing a paranormal series?
Oh goodness, Silver. I never intended on writing a paranormal series, let alone two. I had a dream about this amazing place and the people who shifted into animals. I thought I had eaten something that disagreed with me. 
So, you're saying we all came to life because of something you ate?
No, that's not it at all. I never intended on being a paranormal author. I never dreamed of having the imagination it took to write these worlds where people became animals or witches threw fire balls. My chosen romance genre was contemporary. I write "real" stories. But this dream just wouldn't go away. Ana haunted me day and night until I finally wrote it all down. I wasn't going to send it out to publishers, but then, Bowie stepped in and
showed me I was wrong. I fixed what needed to be fixed and I began the submission process.File:Cougar closeup.jpg
Ana tends to do that to a person. *Silver smiles broadly* Did you learn anything about yourself as you went through the process.
*Gemma smiles* Actually, I found out how passionate I am about the community of Cedar River. All of the residents crawled under my skin and began to inhabit my daily life.
One publisher wanted me to switch the genre and I started to doubt whether I knew what I was doing. Then, I realized if I just listened to the voices in my head, I'd be okay.

They wanted you to switch the genre? To what?
*Gemma laughs* The one publisher believed the story should be a young adult story based on the first three chapters.
*Silver spits her tea at Gemma* Sorry about that, but seriously? Apparently, they hadn't read the maple syrup scene with Bowie and Ana. Hot by the way. Or the seduction scene. I may have to try something like that with Brady. Anyway, I'm glad you didn't change it.
*Gemma wipes her face* No problem, Sil. I know. I was offended with that suggestion. It would change the entire integrity of the story and the series. Thank you for the compliment.  You and Brady are progressing nicely, I must say.
Not fast enough for me. *Silver glares at the author in front of her* Can I tell them about Ana and Bowie's baby?File:Newborn baby-1 hour after.jpg
No! That is for Book 3. I know. You know. Hell, the entire town of Cedar River knows, but the readers don't. It's a secret for now.
Are the religious zealots done with Cedar River?
Not by a long shot. They are determined to re-group and re-load.
Crap on a cracker! What about Witch Lake? Do you know where that series is starting at yet?
I think Starr wants her own story first, though Slate is pushing hard. Starr's preference for women is making it tough since I'm not sure exactly where to start..
*Silver's eyebrow arches, her sterling silver browring catching the light* Well, sweetheart, you start at the beginning. Isn't that where all all stories start? Maybe Starr just isn't ready for her story yet. You may have to start with that smokin' hottie, Slate. He's so dark and serious. Until he opens up, then he's a helluva lot of fun.
*Gemma stares at Silver* Slate's fun? He's so intense. I'm worried he'll never lighten up. He scares me a little bit. 
Psshhhtt! You'll pair him with the right woman.
Sadly, he's already chosen the love of his life, but his intensity hides a HUGE insecurity issue.
Wait a minute! You have completely steered the topic away from yourself.
*Gemma sips her lemonade, glancing innocently over the sugared rim* Who me? I simply answered your questions.
Match and point, my authoress friend. But don't think this is over. We'll return to this someday soon. I still have a lot of questions for you.
I will be looking forward to it. Besides, Brady is beckoning me to come out and play. It seems our uptight dragon may have a few tricks up his sleeve for a certain witch I know.
*Silver's lavender eyes twinkle with delight* Oh goodie! I'll let you go play with Brady then. Thanks for chatting with me, Gemma!

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