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Getting To Know Judi Phillips

Good  morning everyone! It's a bit early here in the U.P. Well, early for me, but I'm off to college. I managed to get enough full-time credits with the 2nd half of the semester, so off to learn I go. I'm leaving you in very good hands though. Judi Phillips will be here to keep you company as the day goes by. 
Hello, Judi! Welcome to my little corner of the world. The sun is barely peeking over the horizon and the frost is clinging to the grass. I've got coffee perking and bagels warming. Sit down and make yourself at home. 
Can you tell us a little bit about yourself? 
Hi Gemma.  Thanks for inviting me to your blog.
Like many other authors, I have had stories in my head and decided it was time to unleash them on the world rather than hoard them all to myself.  I have three adult children and they support my writing, evening helping at times.  I don't think they've read much of it, though.  Probably TMI from mom--especially my really hot books written by Pepper Goodrich.  My ideas come from everywhere.  News (à la ripped from the headlines), conversations, what if games, subjects I'm interested in.  Everything is grist for my mind mill.
Since I'm celebrating the release of Two Moons Rising, for one lucky commenter, I will give away a very small <grin> moonstone.  When you comment, please include your e-mail in a spam-proof format, i.e.  yourname @ e-mail dot com.  If you are chosen the winner, I will need your snail-mail addy to send your price.  Again, it's very small, but very pretty.

A female Secret Service Agent travels through space and time to fulfill an ancient legend.  An exiled prince, while overcoming mistakes of the past, is fighting to free his people.  Together, can they save his world?

Now no more than an arm's length away, he got a clear look at her eyes.  They were violet.  He recalled the words of the old teaching poem, and the hairs on his neck prickled.  Every Larian child knew The Ice Maiden by rote.  In all the times he'd heard it, he had never imagined it could refer to anyone like the attractive, desirable woman standing before him.
For a moment he wondered what it would be like to spend a night with her.  When he realized the direction of his thoughts, he immediately stopped.  He was thinking in the ways of his father when he should be figuring out her purpose for coming here.  And how she had penetrated the force field.
"Who do you work for?" he demanded.
She crossed her arms.  "That's classified."
He could not believe her insolent behavior.  Although he didn't stand on a lot of ceremony, the way his father had, he customarily received respect.  He was the Prince, after all.  No one ever acted in such an audacious manner, at least not to his face.
Suspicion came back full force.  He straightened, his spine ramrod stiff.  "Not from me.  I am Prince Tarique cel Sahar yon Kebali, and I have access to all information concerning my subjects.  You will come with me to Zafir.  There, we will resolve this matter."

Now for some fun:
Ten Tantalizing Teasers-
Plotter or Pantser?
A combo.  Would that be a Plotster or a Panter?  I start out as a panster, writing the first three chapters to get to know the characters.  Then I start filling in a plotboard so I know where I'm headed.  I use it as a roadmap.  Keeps me from wandering all over the place and headed in the right direction.
Favorite Dessert?
Crème brûlée.  And I found my favorite place to eat it.  Several years ago I spent a week in Paris.  I stayed in a little hotel, Hotel Henri IV on Ile de la Cite, an island in the Seine between the Left and Right Banks.  It was a couple of blocks from Notre Dame, and within walking distance of the Louvre, the Cluny Museum and lots of other wonderful places.  There was a small café around the corner with awesome Crème brûlée with outside tables.  It was the best.

Oh wow! Such a perfect setting to eat a delicious dessert!
Chocolate or Vanilla?
Chocolate--but not in the morning.  The rest of the day, though, it isn't safe and can't hide from me.
Favorite scent?
Patchouli.  I wear it all the time and people either love it or hate it.  I was at a restaurant one time and a woman sitting in a booth a couple of seats away was complaining loudly about the nasty smell.  That would be me.  And I'd showered.
I thought I was the only one who still wore that! I get the same reaction, but now I don't feel so bad:) I've even made my soap and body butter with patchouli so I can layer the scent. LOL
Coffee, tea, soda, or water?
Coffee--espresso, that is.  Two years ago, a couple of weeks before my birthday, I sent the following e-mail to my kids.
As I know you are ALL aware, my birthday is just around the corner.  And I know you are scratching your heads to try and figure out an awesome present for your mother ;-)
So, I have a suggestion.  When I was at Joe's, he had a nifty espresso machine--can't remember the name--but George Clooney did the ads for it outside of the States.  Maybe you guys could pitch in and get one for me.
After a hilarious series of e-mail exchanges, they got me one--a Nespresso machine.  You can see it at work here:
Do you have to set the mood to write? If so, how?
Not especially.  Butt in the chair, fingers on the keyboard and I'm generally ready to go.  I usually have music--no words--playing on iTunes and in the winter I sometimes remember to use some potpourri.
Do you have a favorite character? Why?
Actually, my favorite characters are whichever ones I'm writing about.  Gotta love my heroes and want to be my heroines.
Morning, afternoon, evening, or late night writer?
Morning writer.  When I was working full-time, I got up around 5:00 a.m. and wrote for a couple of hours.  Also frequently wrote during my lunch hour at a food court.  Headphones on and I was in my own world.
If you weren’t writing, what would be your occupation?
I can't think of anything else I'd rather do.  I love the writing process--no matter how difficult it is.  Hanging with my characters is way too much fun to want to do something else.
You and me both, Judi! 
I want to thank you for spending the day with my readers. And readers? Don't forget Judi is giving away an moonstone to one commenter. I'll be back to check the comments between classes:)

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