Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

 Breakfast is done. The parade didn't impress me. The Detroit Lions' game is on the television. It is Thanksgiving at the Murray household.
We shared dinner with friends yesterday which was exceptionally nice. Today, it's just the hubby and me with the canine kids. There will be roasted duck (we don't do turkey), whipped taters, Stove-Top stuffing (don't ask), cranberry sauce, dinner rolls, deviled eggs, and homemade pumpkin pie (from my roasted pumpkins) with Cool Whip. Yes, I do all of this just for the 7 of us! LOL It seems like a bit much, I know, but it's tradition.
I also get to spend the day cleaning. As a college student who is at school A LOT, I have to take the time to clean when I can. It looks like the carpets are getting cleaned today. I have to get it done before the holiday tree comes in. Nevermind, that I have to find room for said tree. The joys of living in a small house :)
I've scoured the Black Friday ads to see if there is ANY reason to head out tomorrow and other than the pet store in town, I think I'm staying in. Are you one who braves the crowds? I simply can't stand the crowds of rude people. We don't have a lot of small shops here in town so I'll stick to shopping online. Lucky for me, I only have the canine kids to shop for. I may pick up a few odds and ends for the hubby, but my shopping is basically done.
I've also thought back over the last year and counted my blessings. I thought I'd share them with you.
1. Husband who loves me even when I am cranky, opinionated, and sleepy (or in a writer's coma)
2. My canine kids who make me laugh each and every day
3. I live in a country where I am able to go to school to continue my education
4. I have friends who are more like family and who have my back when the chips are down
5. My readers and fans. Without you all, I wouldn't be able to do the things I love
6. My imaginary friends. They live in my head and talk to me constantly, giving me more story ideas than I could write down in a year.
7. My dad. His death has taught me just as much as his life did. I am strong because he taught me to be and he would expect nothing less from me. I will survive and thrive through the storm. I have no regrets when it comes to him.
8. My life. It may not always be what I want it to be, but it is mine. I can take this life and follow my own path, learning from my mistakes as I go.
9. My freedom. Freedom is not free, somebody pays the price for it and I am truly grateful to those men and women (and their families) who sacrifice their lives, minds, and bodies for my freedom.
10. Technology. It seems so trivial in the grand scheme of things, but without technology, I wouldn't be able to bring my stories to you. I wouldn't be able to write at the pace I write at. I wouldn't be able to connect with all of you. Technology truly is something for which I am thankful.
Well, I've procrastinated as long as I can. The cleaning awaits and no one else is getting started on it so I guess it's all mine.

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