Thursday, January 26, 2012

One Week Down

I am one week into my first semester of college and I'm already wondering what on earth I was thinking! *grin* As if my life weren't full enough, I just tripled my responsibilities. That being said, I LOVE my classes. I'm already learning so much. A lot of what I've learned so far is that I didn't lose half of what I thought I'd lost over the last 20 years.
The weather here hasn't been as bad in previous years, but, then again, it hasn't been horrible in other areas either. I would just like our temps to stay steady instead of the constant fluctuation. We have gotten hardly any snow which has disappointed the furkids, but I'm pretty happy about that. The lake has finally frozen over. I can't wait to see if we end up with any more icebergs on the lake
(This is from Spring 2011 and, yes, that is a tree in the frame.)
I just finished a book by one of my favorite authors. I hate that each of his books ends on a pretty sad note. No HEAs (happily ever afters) for this author. However, I'm hopelessly addicted to his books. Every time a new one comes out, I am waiting in line at the bookstore so that I can get my copy. How about you? Do you search for books with ONLY happy endings or do you not need the HEA?
Well, my studies are calling me. I need to write an argumentative paper for my English class. I'm feeling the need to argue for some reason.
If weather is cold and snowy in your corner of the world, remember Spring is just around the corner. (This is from my backyard.)
Have a wonderful weekend!

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