Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My Fascination with Dragons

I'm not sure when it began, but I have a certain fascination with dragons. As a little girl, Sleeping Beauty was my favorite fairytale. In it, Maleficent turned into a dragon. When Prince Philip slayed her (in the Disney version) her blood ran purple. Maybe that was where it began.

I was never encouraged to believe in dragons, gargoyles, fairies, or gnomes. They weren't "realistic" enough. So, it took me growing up to believe in the world of fantasy. Odd, right?

I remember buying my first dragon statue. It came with the name Jamie. I didn't like that name so I changed it. My baby dragon is named Draco. He's a cutie who sits on a shelf beside my bed. I trust him to keep me safe.

I have a series of holiday ornaments that are dragons. I tend to hang them on my holiday tree simply because they fit in with the color scheme.

Then, there are my stories. The Golden boys seem to hold everyone's attention. When I get messages saying, "When does ____ Golden get his story?" I smile. You must also remember Lance and Cameron Smythe, my beautiful blue water dragons.

I never intended to be an urban fantasy/paranormal author. I think it has to do with the "realistic" side of my brain. I didn't think my imagination would expand enough to see what makes the world of fantasy real. And yes, my world is real... at least to me. I get to play in the land of shifters daily. I've been working so hard on putting a couple of contemporary romances in the world that I feel like I'm dying inside. I think I may have to delve back into the UF/PNR waters to keep from falling apart.  

I am so grateful to each of you who has picked up my books and given them a read. My fascination with dragons fueled the series, but my belief in the impossible keeps me writing. Your belief in me feeds my soul as I write.

If you've read either of my books, please be sure to leave a review on Barnes and Noble, Amazon, or Goodreads. You can even drop me a line at gemmakmurray@gmail.com and I'll post your review on my website. I want to hear what I'm doing right. I also am willing to hear what I'm doing wrong.

If you haven't read my books, step into my world and give them a whirl. You never know who you will meet on the streets of Cedar River.

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  1. I love dragons, i collected pocket dragons for years and i have a purple and green dragon tattoo, there is a story behind him, he is a very special dragon and very very important to me. remind me to tell you the story one day its a one of strength.

    if your looking to read the about a world of dragoons and their knights, I know just where to send you