Sunday, March 24, 2013

Where is Spring?

I'm well aware that I live in the U.P. and should expect winter to last a bit longer than others, but this is getting to be ridiculous. This is what my first day of spring looked like:

It is pretty and creates a beautiful wonderland for the photos I share with you, but I am getting sick of all this white. 

And in some spots it's not really even white anymore. In the front yards of the townspeople, it is a black/gray combo due to all the exhaust fumes and dirt. At school, it is a dangerous, slippery, nasty mess. My yard? Well, what you're seeing is where the dogs won't go. 

Can  you see where I am ready for the green that will bring my woods and yard to life? I feel as if I'm stuck in an old television show only not nearly as funny. *G*
The only critters I see in my yard are a couple of stray cats someone thought could survive better in the wild than in the local no-kill shelter. (That's a story for another day.)


I'm ready for the technicolor world again. The bright greens and blues, the vivid red and pinks of flowers, the yellow sunshine. Ahhh, the way the world comes to life when spring hits. I'm already making plans for my small container garden and all the jams I can make. Of course, that means I need to clean out the freezer and make room. 


See how beautiful my world can be? I would love to take a paintbrush out and do a paint by number on my world. Unfortunately, I don't have the time or the money for the amount of paint I'd need.

How about your corner of the world? Is spring showing her presence or is Old Man Winter still working his magick?


  1. Spring has sprung here. We had rain today on and off though. We actually had some chilly weather in the past couple of weeks to break up our 80+ degree days. I hope you get warmer weather up there soon!

  2. I knew it hadn't posted!!! I tired posting last night but I got it wrong again:(

    *fingers in ears* lalalala Dani I am not listening, we have had snow this weekend, although it has melted now they expect more to come next weekend and it is barely making it above freezing most days. I'm kinda glad I have so much school work to do and i dont have to go out anywhere