Monday, July 1, 2013

This Writer's Process

In my previous post, I told you how my writing has been sporadic at best due to some circumstances. However, I was able to sit down and type my little heart out last night. What came out amazed me and made me smile.

My process may be similar to others, I'm not sure since I've never compared notes. I dream my stories. I mean full on vivid colors, walking on solid ground, movie-type story. And this dream stays with me for days on end until I sit down and write out the scene. I'm lucky that way.

When I am able to take the time, I sit down and pop in my earbuds. Each book has a playlist of sorts, if not, then I turn on my Pandora radio and find the appropriate station. Between Frank Sinatra, Nickelback, 80s Romance, Jason Aldean, and Cher, I have songs for every mood and book. I turn the volume up and let the music carry me away. Then, the magick happens. The story pours out all over the keyboard. My fingers are just the instruments that carries the story to my computer. When I feel exhausted, I save the document, read over what I've written, and walk away. I'm usually limp as a wet dishrag when I'm finished, but I feel good. I don't try for a particular word count or chapter count. I write until I can write no more. Whether it's 100 or 2500 words, as long as I've written something, I'm good.

Now, yesterday I posted a status on my FB page. I let my readers know that I had hit the 7,000 word mark on my current story (which is not part of the Cedar River series). I also shared a picture to give people a  hint of the story.

Art by Graphic Artist Cindy Grundsten

This is the picture that inspired the story I am working on. In my mind, this is Manannan Mac Lir, Irish sea diety. I've let the idea stew and bubble long enough. It had to come out and I am in love with it so far. The two stories I'm working on are about his children with a human woman. Calypso's story is the first one and Mac's will follow when he's ready :)

Anyway, I promised people a peek at what I'm working on so here's what I have for you. Remember: It's unedited and all rights belong to Gemma K. Murray (2013).

Tell me what you think so far. It's kind of sexy to write about a sea god!

NOTE FROM GEMMA: I had this blurb up for a week and have since removed it. I'll only leave the tease up for so long :)

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