Friday, October 30, 2015

And on...

It seems as if I've been on this Wizard of Oz kick for a while, but if you've seen the movie, you understand. Dorothy's journey through the Land of Oz lasted for about 2 hours, however, there is no way she did all the things she did in a mere 2 hours.

My journey is one that is filled with riddles and mysteries. I often wonder what it is I'm learning here. Today I feel as if I've made it to the gates of the Emerald City and I can't get in until I can answer the riddles laid before me. And math seems to be the biggest riddle of all ((f(g)x)) and the whys and wherefore so that go with this). I can't get into the city until I can answer all of these riddles. Im frustrated beyond all belief and wonder why I want into the damned city anyway.

Then, I stop, take a breath, and remember that I need to get into the city in order to meet the great and powerful Oz. We know from the movie that he's just a normal man who hides behind a curtain. I'm hoping to find something more. I'm hoping that there really is a Great and Powerful Oz who can help make all of my dreams come true. Maybe the Tin Man will become real and get his heart. The Cowardly Lion may find his courage. The Scarecrow might get a brain...but it all hinges on me and this damn math riddle.

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