Monday, February 13, 2017

The Reason We're Really Here

It has been a long time since I made a post about the actual books themselves and, let's face it, that's why we're really here. I haven't been doing much promotion for a few reasons: A) I was not happy with my publisher. B) I didn't believe anyone wanted to read my stories. C) My depression made me believe I'd never write another story. Here's the good news: I have the rights back for Keeper and Enemies will follow in June. I know people want to read my stories. I've opened the fourth and fifth books up and remembered why I love this series...the characters are incredible! I've read some of the dialogue I wrote so long ago and laughed out loud.

So...I thought I'd tell you a little bit about books that you may not have known.

Did I ever tell you that Adam and Luna weren't even on my radar? I mean, c'mon, Adam had maybe 3 lines in Keeper. The second book was actually supposed to be Fire and Ice. It was going to be about Lance and Pearl. Then, Adam pushed his way through to the forefront and let his demands be known. Then, the rest of the cast followed his example. Fire and Ice is...well...on ice at the moment while I work on those damn Black boys and Gideon...sigh...Gideon.

Mr. Fischer was a character who appeared from out of nowhere. As a writer, I know that every character has a purpose, but my original thought was "What on earth could Mr. Fischer be here for?" After all, he was ornery and just an unpleasant person...unless you were Luna. He actually reminds me of an old family friend (who has passed away). He acted like he was ornery when it actuality, he had a heart of pure gold and was one of the sweetest people you could ever meet. Mr. Fischer taught me a lot.

Samson...oh, sweet Samson! Do you know I put the book aside for three days after I wrote his scene? Three days and I wasn't sure I wanted to write again. Samson is the one character I love as much as the main characters. He's the bear shifter version of my dad. And my father passed away before Enemies was released. I had the contract which he knew about and was proud of, but the book hadn't been released yet. He never knew about the third book. I had been able to keep him alive with my dear Samson.

There is actually a thought in the back of my mind to make a cookbook based on Lorelai's recipes. It's just a dream at this point because I'm not sure it's a feasible idea at the moment. A) I'm not sure if people would be interested. B) I'm not sure people actually do a lot of cooking anymore. C) I'd have to do a lot of cooking and making things look pretty for pictures. LOL

Here's a funny little fact: Adam was loosely based on someone who used to walk through the theater where I used to write. How funny is it that the real-life version (looks, personality, attitude, everything) of Adam entered my life over a year and a half ago? 5 years AFTER the books were released? I will admit that my heart skipped a few beats when he walked in the door. I mean, after all this time, Adam is still the main character who has my heart. Gideon makes me sigh and I love the Black boys, but Adam is...damn near perfect!

As you can see, if you have crossed my path at some point, you will end up in my stories. If you know me personally, I wonder if  you've found yourself in the stories yet. If you have, let me know! It would be funny if you could figure it all out.

Some more book news for you: The covers for Keeper and Enemies are finished! Keeper is going to go back to the original title that I had: The Sheriff and the Hellraiser. Enemies will remain Natural Born Enemies. The first round of edits for the former Keeper are almost finished. I don't foresee any drastic changes being made. I love the story, but there are just some horrible errors that were overlooked when they were originally published. The website will be ready when the first book is re-released.

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