Saturday, March 10, 2012

My Book Cover Has Arrived!!!!

Oh my goodness! You cannot even imagine what has been going on around here! In the midst of the chaos that is my life, all these wonderful things have occurred.
I'm in the midst of studying for mid-terms and preparing for a week of rest (Spring Break). I'm really looking forward to sleeping in past 6 am and making a dent in my TBR list.
Then, this lovely gem arrived in my inbox yesterday morning. I spotted it as I was getting ready to leave for class. Are you ready? I'm so delighted with it!
Yes, I'm sure wherever you are in the world you can hear the "squee" coming from the Upper Peninsula.
This is Bowie Golden and Anastasia Plum. Aren't they gorgeous?
I'll post the blurb as soon as it's ready to rock!!
Should I mention the release date? I didn't? For shame!! Keeper of the Golden Dragon's Heart is set to be released March 15, 2012!

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