Monday, June 3, 2013

Be Still

For the last few days, I've felt like I was on the verge of a breakdown. My characters quit talking to me!!! I was certain that I'm finished as an author. Sure that I would never write another word again. 
Last night, I actually put my fears to words. Tears filled my eyes because I LOVE what I do! My heart beats for the worlds I have created. I put my earbuds in and simply listened...okay, I may have danced a little bit, too, but I allowed myself to be free.
This morning, I walked the dogs and took a look around at the world around me. The vivid colors seemed to beckon for their pictures to be taken. I put the dogs back inside, carried a bottle of water, my camera, and my homemade bug repellent outside, then parked my butt on the picnic table. I took the time to be still.

Want to know what I noticed? The breeze was blowing through the trees and the sun-warmed cedars scented the air. I heard the birds playing in the leaves. For an hour, I sat there and watched a butterfly fluttered from dandelion to dandelion. I listened to the coyote pups yip in their den behind our house. Dragonfly babies landed on the picnic table beside me. I was simply still.

Deep down inside, I'm still that farmer's daughter. I love the smell of the earth and fresh cut grass. I love going barefoot. The grass tickles my toes and I feel like a kid again. I love the sounds of the earth as it comes to life.

In between the vehicles passing my house, I could hear the water across the street. There is something about the water that manages to soothe me. My muse showed up and do you know what the lovely Sebastian told me? "Get out of your own way, babe!" I laughed because I know it's true. If I can just step aside and stop trying to control everything with such a tight rein, the voices speak to me. Maybe it's fear of spinning out of control, but I have a hard time letting go. 

Today's lesson is over. I'm learning to let go and be still. I can't control the ebb and flow of the lake anymore than I can stop time.

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