Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I wanted to take a moment to wish all of the fathers out there a Happy Father's Day. 
Today is the 2nd Father's Day I've had without my dad and I will admit to feeling a little sad today. But I got to thinking about my dad and all the wonderful things I got from him. So, instead of crying and being sad, I'm going tell you why he was such an amazing dad.

First of all, he was a hero. Not just a hero like every little girl thinks of her daddy, but mine was an honest to goodness hero. He served in Vietnam, came home and became a firefighter, lived with PTSD for 20 years, and loved me unconditionally.

He gave me a love of music. Not just the twangy country music he loved, but the oldies as well. I can remember singing along with him in the car wherever we went. It's a habit I just can't shake. I still sing along with the songs on the radio when I'm driving.

He gave me my heart. He showed by example what it meant to be a good human being. He never judged a person by the clothes they wore, or their handicaps. He was kind to everyone and that matters.

He gave me my weird sense of humor. Dad was silly, goofy, and funny. It didn't matter where or with whom. He was constantly trying to crack people up and he was never ashamed of making a fool of himself. Whether it was teasing me mercilessly until I laughed or dressing up in my Christmas clothes and chilling on the couch (yes, I have pictures :)), he brought joy.

He gave me a sense of self. He allowed me to claim my oddness, my faith, and my beliefs with no judgment. He let his little girl find out who she was through trial and error. He never interfered. He simply let me be.

He showed me how to push through the pain. With his PTSD, he was constantly in pain (mentally), but he still laughed. 

He believed I deserved to dance amongst the stars. If he could have brought the heavens down for me, I think he would have.

Sometimes, we are in the presence of angels and don't even realize it. Trust me when I say I knew all along. 
So, I ask  you to hug your dad a little tighter today and hold on a little longer than you need to. He gave you some of the wonderful components that make you you. 

Happy Father's Day!!


  1. That's so sweet babe, your a very special lady and all the more for you love of your dad, he may have guided you but you made you special.

    1. Thank you, Hollie! I appreciate your words :)