Saturday, December 6, 2014

Ramblings from a Writer's Jumbled Mind

Wow! Two blog posts rather close together...I'm sort of impressed with myself :) Okay, so this is more or less me just shooting out random thoughts, but let me tell you, this head of mine is filled with all sorts of random bits and pieces.

Brady and Silver are sitting in my lil sis/editor's hands at the moment. I'm hoping to self-publish BEFORE Christmas. Then, I have Books 4 and 5 well under way plus a few surprises.

Last night, I got to sit down and discuss books with an incredibly brilliant man. He blows my mind every time I get to spend time with him. He's reading Frankenstein at the moment and we were discussing how his idea of what Frankenstein was skewed (according to the movies). He told me how awe-struck he was by the differences he's finding. He had me laughing until tears fell from my eyes with some of the things that came out of his mouth. Gods, I haven't laughed like that since...well, he visited the last time. Should I mention that this highly intelligent guy is my inspiration for Beckett Black (otter shifter)? Oh yeah, let me tell all are in for a rare and beautiful treat with this one :) Thank you, T, for the laughter and conversation! You need to visit more often :) You are the most amazingly brilliant and twisted human I know (yes, that's a compliment)!

You will notice some things popping up on this blog that may or may not surprise you. I've told you how this year has been about change for me. I'm exploring myself and discovering that I really do love who I am. In that same context, you will start to find some BDSM things creeping onto my page. More often than not, these people are friends of mine who do magnificent work and I want to promote them to the world. You will also find some kinky type writings creeping up on this page. If that isn't your thing, I understand. I'm going to post them under their own tab so if you want to avoid those types of writings, well, you can.

I want to say something to all of you...if your partner tells you that you are beautiful or sexy, DON'T look at him as if he's lost his mind. DON'T tell him he needs to have his eyes examined. DON'T tell him he has no idea what he's talking about. DON'T belittle his opinion of you!!! Look that incredible person in the eyes and say "Thank you!" and mean it!!!! Like I said I'm learning as I go. I have a man in my life who is my best friend. He's been telling me I'm beautiful for a looooooonnnnnggg time. I've done all of the DON'Ts I listed above. Lucky for me, he still keeps saying it. I think he believed that if he kept telling me I was beautiful, I would eventually believe it. And here's a surprise: it worked. If you tell someone something enough, they start to believe it. This has been a hard lesson for me. He even scoffed at me the other day when I said something about my fat ass. Seriously, dude? Oh yeah...thank you :) He also tells that I'm is trying to get on Santa's nice list this year. Oh wait...thank you!

Thank you for letting me ramble on about life! I'm headed toward finals this week and I have over a month off between semesters. Plenty of writing time and loads of fun to be had. Who knows what will be created in that time? Could be fun to find out!

Love and blessings to you and yours!

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