Wednesday, December 31, 2014

The End...

Today is the final day of 2014. What has this year been like for you?

I saw so many changes occur this year. I lost the last of my original canine kids. I applied to a different college...and got in...twice :) I filed for divorce and ended a 20+ year marriage. I faced financial trouble and got through it. Moved out of the rental home I had shared with my ex-husband for almost 4 years. Moved in with a girlfriend and her family for about a month. Worked as hard as I could to save up money. Moved to a different state with my best friend. Embarked on a journey into a world I knew little about and fell in love with the lifestyle. Started school at a different campus. Hated it. Learned to love it. Was determined to change my major. Decided to stick with my major. Discovered the "real" me and found I REALLY like her...a lot. "Played" in this new lifestyle and learned even more about myself than I could have ever imagined. Met new friends who understand my new life. Finished classes. Finished The Golden Dragon's Treasure!!!! PUBLISHED The Golden Dragon's Treasure!!!!!!! In e-book and print!!!! Decided to change my major...again. Went to a birthday party for a friend and had an absolute blast! Did something I never thought I'd have the courage to do. Got to try something I've never tried before.

These are from the new thing I was gorgeous!
Met MORE new people! Started a new series! Yes, I am actually putting Cedar River aside for a few days to work on this new series....

As the final day of 2014 gets started in my world, I am currently working on my demons. They have been calling to me and I have begun to sketch out their world. This series will be NOTHING like Cedar River. There will be plenty of kink and loads of sex!! After all...these demons are highly sexual beings with a taste for the BDSM side of life :) Currently, I'm deciding on whether I should publish them under a different name or keep the Gemma K. Murray. In discussions with friends and family, it looks like I will probably publish under a different name. It seems only right. However, we shall see how it works.

So tell you make resolutions? If so, what are yours? Me? I intend to carry on like I have been...learning about me and my kinky side, studying hard, playing just as hard, and loving the life I have!

Have a blessed New Year!

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