Friday, January 2, 2015

Happy 2015

So, I spent the New Year writing, watching movies, and trying to solve the world economy...okay, maybe not the world, but mine. I also have found yet another way to exasperate my darling roommate...start a project before finishing another. He's a Virgo who likes things neat and orderly. I'm a Gemini and cannot be bored, otherwise BAD things happen. Not exactly plans for world domination, but bad in the sense that I upset his world. Then, he makes THAT face...the confused one that says he cannot figure me out and he's not sure he wants to. lol

Yes, I'm working on my demons and I am so deeply in love with them. They speak to my heart and soul. I love letting my demons out to play and putting them on paper is just TOO much fun! Give me some more time to write and I will post something about them. They are truly a group like no other.

I'm kicking off the New Year and the new book over at The Romance Studio. They have a party going on from January 2-5 with all sorts of prizes and authors. Stop over and register to win! I am offering up an e-book copy of each book for three lucky readers. Click the banner below to head over the party site.


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