Sunday, January 25, 2015

Good Morning!!!

It is a cold and blustery morning here in the beautiful state of bliss! I woke up and pulled on my leggings and my favorite bulky sweater. It is cold enough in the house to even consider putting on...egads! Socks!!! If you know me, you know I hate wearing socks, I prefer my feet bare at all times. I only wear socks in the house on one condition...usually, but that is a different topic for a different time. *wink*

Life has been excellent here. Book sales aren't great, but, then again, they never have been. I'm not promoting via other author/bloggers as much which makes it hard to get word out about the books, but I try to blog here more.

I was reading my Facebook feed the other day and an author friend was considering having a cover reveal event. I chuckled a little bit because I just never considered that. I'm not one to celebrate a new book being published. I didn't have a special ritual, meal, or anything I did. To me, it's just another day. I'm proud, but I still turn to the next thing at hand and dive right in. Friends were a little bit shocked at the fact that I truly don't celebrate by doing something special. My sweet roommate told me we would do something, but with money as tight as it has been, we never got around to it. Last week, I splurged and bought two bottles of wine. We opened them and celebrated. It felt good to share that moment with him. So, I now have a new ritual. With the release of each new book, a couple of bottles of wine must be bought and shared with the one man who sees my accomplishment as a HUGE deal.

And this brings me to my next piece of news...I am working on a new series (I know. I know. Not big news, Gemma.) But after much talk and deliberation, I will begin writing under a different author name. At least for this series. As I took my maiden name back in my real life, I am considering changing my Gemma name as well. I just don't feel right using something that isn't truly mine, you know? Because of the fact the Cedar River series has two books in a publisher's possession for a bit longer yet, it will be awhile before that change takes effect. However, my demons will be published under a new author name. This way, no one confuses my kinky series with my simple paranormal romances. Once I'm closer to finishing the series, I will post all the wonderful tidbits and how to find my new alter ego.

One more week until school starts back up and I have so much to get done. Declare a new major, pick up my text books, possibly get a 'real' job, make sure I have food in the house to toss into the crock pot, promote the new book, clean house, and mentally prepare for school. This month and a half off of classes has allowed me to become lazy and let things slide. Now, I've got one week of freedom left and I just want to throw caution to the wind. I want to dance barefoot, let my hair down, turn my music up and my self-consciousness down, I want be quiet enough to hear my heart beat, but loud enough to whisper my love to my world. But for now, I'll return to a world of fiction while my world is busy with life, family, and the stress of day to day living.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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