Thursday, December 22, 2016

Dear Santa...

How many years did we sit down to write these letters? I remember doing it as a kid, but as an adult, it was almost as if I had given up on the magick.

I started a book a while ago about a woman who wrote a letter to Santa. It ends up in the hands of a man and romance ensues.  So, I thought about it. Why do we stop believing? Isn't Santa about the spirit of the holiday?

Two years ago, I sat down and wrote a letter to Santa. Granted, it didn't get mailed, but I still wrote out my wish. I merely told Santa that as happy as I was, he knew what I wanted and I was sure he was the only one who could make it happen. I told him that he knew my heart's desire and if he could see his way to bringing my hopes and dreams to fruition, I'd be eternally grateful. It didn't happen, but  I held out hope.

The following September, Mr. Charismatic Smile walked into my math class and took my breath away. He was more than I could've hoped for. He gave me something that no one else has or could. He held up a mirror and didn't just tell me I was beautiful. He made me believe it. That's what I had asked Santa for...someone who could see me for me and make me believe their words.

So, I continue to write these letters. I'm hoping Santa still gets that I believe in the magick of him and this holiday.

Here's my song choices for today:

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