Friday, December 23, 2016

Peace on Earth

This last 13 days has been about me sharing with you. Whether it is memories of Christmases long ago or things from more recent times, I've shared as much holiday joy as I could with all of you.

Yesterday, I wrote about my grown-up letters to Santa. I have so many wishes besides something for myself. The biggest wish? Peace. Peace from wars. Peace from politics, Peace from racism, Peace from patriarchy. Peace on Earth.

Yeah, I know, I live in a world of make-believe, but close your eyes for a moment and imagine a world where humans simply were kind to each other. No words of hatred were spewed. We just loved our neighbors, no matter what color their skin or the symbol of their religion they choose to wear. Where we just remembered that we are all part of one race...the human one.

I would love a world where every parent was able to be with their children for the holidays. Every military man and woman would sit down to dinner with their family, be there when their children woke on Christmas morning, and could sleep soundly in their own beds each night.

Peace on Earth...

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