Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Snow Day

We have been under a blizzard warning since Winter storm Draco decided to head our way. We prepared for the worst. We have plenty of food. We have a few sealed containers of kerosene for the heater should we lose power. We're all set.
Well, Draco didn't want to cooperate. He was supposed to arrive at 3 or 4 am. I was expecting to wake up to a few inches of snow.
What I woke up to was MAYBE a half an inch of snow and rain, which was melting the snow. Took the canine kids out and there was a horrible slush mix falling from the sky. As I type this, it snowing again and we are supposed to have white out conditions in a little while.
Finals were called off for today. I'm happy to say I didn't have any. I am sure there are a few students who were relieved to hear that bit of news.
So, today is going to be a lazy sort of day. We've got to get all the dishes done and put away so I can have the ENTIRE counter to make sugar cookies. I'm thinking sugar cookies with hot cocoa while watching movies might just be the perfect way to spend the day. I'm also thinking of making mac and cheese for dinner. Something about the snow flying outside makes me want to make comfort food.
How about you? What do you do when the snow begins to fly?
I'm going to leave you all with a bit of scenery from inside the Murray house. Voila! Here's our Yule tree, all lit up and decorated:

Here is the scene of my backyard from March:

I'll post pictures tomorrow of what Draco dumped on us. Have a happy snow day! I know we will :)

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